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Undergrunnskart over Norge og Nordsjøen

NCS2030 – National Centre for Sustainable Utilization of Energy Resources on the Norwegian Shelf

Energi, miljø og samfunn, master

Master in Energy, Environment and Society

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the possible transition towards a low carbon society trigg


Stavanger AI Lab

A node for research, innovation and education in artificial intelligence at University of Stavanger

To forskere i et laboratorium.

The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental sh

Education and outreach

The number of students in petroleum-related topics at universities in Norway has dramatically declin

Bioenergy production and biomass valorization

Energy Policy, Economy and Society

The role of the Norwegian Continental Shelf in the future energy system depends on the national and

Digital Subsurface for Improved Decisions​, illustrasjon

Digital Subsurface for Improved Decisions

Large amounts of subsurface data are available, but current workflows and programs for subsurface un

Efficient water management

Efficient Water Management for NZE

The amount of water injected, produced and discharged to sea in aging fields on the NCS is increasin

Borerigg. Foto: Shutterstock

Net-Zero Emission (NZE) Production​

Hydrocarbon (HC) production is energy intensive and emits large amounts of CO2.

Reservoir utilization for energy transition​, illustration

Reservoir Utilization for Energy Transition​

The main objective of this work package is to improve the reservoir energy production strategy with

Illustrasjon av reservoar

Near Field Resource Evaluation

The objective of this work package is to develop a holistic petroleum system model and exploration f

Undergrunnskart over Norge og Nordsjøen

Partners in NCS2030

University of Stavanger together with NORCE, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) and University of

En kvinne viser fram forskningen sin på en poster

Researchers at NCS2030

The centre includes an expert team of geoscientists, reservoir engineers, modellers, data scientists

Undergrunnskart over Norge og Nordsjøen

About NCS2030

The research centre NCS2030 will find solutions that maximize the value creation of energy resources

IOR NORWAY 2019. Foto: Marius Vervik

Energy Norway 2022

Save the date for our conference on subsurface utilization for energy transition, 25-26 April 2022.

Nuclear Nordics

Radioactive Waste Spatialities, Materialities and Societies in the Nordic Region, 1960s to 1990s

What have we achieved in the IOR Centre?

Eight years of research on improved oil recovery are coming to an end.

Integrated solar panels in walls and roofs can be efficient power sources

“Norway’s cold climate is very suitable for building-integrated photovoltaics,” says researcher Hass


COTech & OGTech 2021 Conference

The International Conference on Computational Methods & Ocean Technology (COTech) and Oil and Ga


Won their group in Drillbotics

Five UiS students made it all the way to the top in their group in the Drillbotics contest.

UiS team in the PetroBowl finals

Five petroleum engineering students from University of Stavanger reached the finals in the prestigou

Illustrasjonsbilde vitenskapelig artikkel. Foto: Shutterstock

Scientific papers – The National IOR Centre of Norway

See the list of all scientific publications written by researchers affiliated with the IOR Centre.

Siv Marie Åsen

Synthetic polymers for enhanced oil recovery

In her doctoral work, Siv Marie Åsen has taken a closer look at what happens to different types of p


Field Applications forum

Important deliverables from the Centre are well documented and verified methods for evaluation of IO

Polymer EOR forum

This forum will focus its work on polymer flooding from pore to core scale, and partly to field scal


Reservoir simulation tools

Improved modeling methodology and simulation capabilities for IOR are important to perform reliable

Sissel Opsahl Viig, IFE. Foto: Mona L. Ramstad/IFE

Tracer technology

The main objective of this task is to devise methods and procedures to map volumetric distribution o