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Stavanger AI Lab

A node for research, innovation and education in artificial intelligence at University of Stavanger

Energi, miljø og samfunn, master

Master in Energy, Environment and Society

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the possible transition towards a low carbon society trigg

Borekrone, boring, drilling, drill bit

Applied AI and Digitalization in Drilling

The Applied AI and Digitalization in Drilling Group at IEP, Department of Energy and Petroleum Engin

data, nettverk, illustrasjonsbilde. Foto: Shutterstock

Digital drilling

AI and machine learning techniques offer reliable solutions to transform data into valuable knowledg

UiS EREE - Research Group for Energy, Resource and Environmental Economics

Researchers within Energy, Resource and Environmental Economics from the UiS Business School and the

Structural Geology

Structural Geology

Structural Geology is the study of tectonic deformation.

Smart vann, polymer. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Smart Water

Smart Water for enhanced oil recovery is a research field at UiS.

Provenance Studies

Provenance Studies

Provenance research tracks the transport routes of sediment.

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging

Light detection and ranging (lidar) research focus on the planning and collection of lidar data as w



Geophysics uses measurements of physical quantities to make inferences about the geological properti

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information science (GIS) research focuses on the analysis of spatial relationships, defi

data analytics, AI, maskinlæring. Foto: Shutterstock

Decision and data analytics

Value can only be created through our decisions.



Geosciences is an important expertise are within the energy sector, environment, construction among

Illustrasjonsbilde: clean energy. Foto: Shutterstock

Applied AI and machine learning for energy and petroleum engineering

Due to an increase in the amount of data available through technological advancements, AI and machin

Foto av store master med strømnett i siluett med himmel bak.

What does it take to succeed with the energy transition?

Green transition and sustainable development is all about using resources smarter and more efficient

19 forskere samlet foran storskjerm med smartby-presentasjon

Smart sustainable cities research network

This research network performs interdisciplinary research for smart sustainable urban development an

Illustrasjon av storby med ikoner som viser ulike teknologier

Smart city research

Creating a smart city requires joint efforts of city planners, technologists, energy experts, social


Theme 1: Mobile and immobile oil and EOR methods

Theme 1 focuses on understanding, modeling, and upscaling the microscopic and macroscopic displaceme

To forskere i et laboratorium.

The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre provides solutions for improved oil recovery on the Norwegian continental sh