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Energi, miljø og samfunn, master

Master in Energy, Environment and Society

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the possible transition towards a low carbon society trigg


Stavanger AI Lab

A node for research, innovation and education in artificial intelligence at University of Stavanger

IOR Centre archive

In this page you will find recommended practises and tools developed at The National IOR Centre of N

Team B, UiS Drillbotics

Team B – UiS Drillbotics

Meet Drillbotics Physical Rig Team.

Team A, UiS Drillbotics

Team A – UiS Drillbotics

Meet Drillbotics Virtual Rig Team.

Mario Helder Lopes da Silva. Foto: Privat

Qualification of new partitioning tracers

Mário Helder Lopes da Silva has developed a method for qualification of new partitioning tracers for

Energy Systems Engineering

Energy transition towards clean, sustainable, and affordable energy solutions is on top of the globa

energisystem. Foto: Shutterstock

Energy Systems Engineering – projects

Running research projects in the Energy Systems Engineering group.

Hender møtes

Energy Systems Engineering – collaboration

Our work connects researchers, educators and students at UiS with partners in industry, business and

To studenter sitter og snakker sammen med ark foran seg.

Energy Systems Engineering – education

In this page you find the courses taught at University of Stavanger related to Energy technologies a

Illustrasjonsbilde: clean energy. Foto: Shutterstock

Applied AI for Energy Systems Engineering​

We use state-of-the-art tools like advanced physical models, artificial neural networks, and integra

energisystem. Foto: Shutterstock

Modeling, Simulation, Optimization, Management and Techno-economy

Energy transition towards clean, sustainable, and affordable energy solutions is on top of the globa

Female Engineer Walks Through Factory Workshop with Augmented Reality 3D Models. Foto: Shutterstock

Energy Conversion Technologies and Multi-Vector Systems

Energy transition towards clean, sustainable, and affordable energy solutions is on top of the globa

Industrial worker offers a wind station with solar system and sea offshore oil platform icon on a virtual panel. Modern energy production concept. Smart power plant technology. Photo: Shutterstock

Energy Systems Engineering – research

The group focuses on developing innovative techno-economically sustainable solutions and has a broad

Bilder fra laboratoriene på Institutt for energi- og petroleumsteknologi og Institutt for energiressurser, TekNat. Foto: Kjersti Riiber

Test facilities – Energy Systems Engineering

Distributed energy conversion technologies, using fuel flexible solutions, energy storage and smart

Professor Malcolm Kelland og forsker Mohamed Mady på laboratoriet

Green and sustainable chemistry

This research group focuses on exploring and implementing green and sustainable chemistry into novel


Interdisciplinary centre for Hydrogen Safety and Governance (HySAGO)

The vision for HySAGO is to establish a globally recognised centre for groundbreaking interdisciplin

Husfasade laget av solcellepanel

Building integrated photovoltaics

Can we produce energy, limit land use and create industrial opportunities by using our house facades



The 7th IOR NORWAY is arranged 26-28 April 2021.

Vinnere av Skjævelandsprisen 2017: Oddbjørn Nødland, Mona Minde og Han Byal Kim. Foto: Kjersti Riiber


Click on the links below for abstracts or PDFs of the presentations from IOR NORWAY 2017.

Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde. Foto: Marius Vervik

IOR NORWAY 2018 summed up

270 participants caught up on the newest in IOR research at this year's big IOR event at Univer

IOR NORWAY 2019. Foto: Marius Vervik

IOR NORWAY 2019 summed up

The sixth annual conference hosted by The National IOR Centre of Norway is history.

IOR NORWAY 2020 webinar

IOR 2020 webinar summed up

55 people logged in to the IOR NORWAY webinar to listen to four of the speakers from the original co

Study of nano-scale interfacial forces

Shaghayegh Javadi can welcome the Christmas holidays as Doctor Javadi after defending her PhD thesis

Doctoral degree on wettability estimation by oil adsorption

Samuel Erzuah defended his PhD thesis 24 September. Now he is moving back to Ghana as Dr. Erzuah.

CO2 mobility control with foam for enhanced oil recovery

With a thesis on a very topical theme, CCUS, Mohan Sharma graduated as the sixth PhD at the Centre.

How to make seawater smarter

In her PhD work, Remya Nair has investigated how "smart" salt water can increase oil recov

Doctoral degree on modelling of EOR transport mechanisms

Oddbjørn Nødland was the fifth PhD candidate to graduate from The National IOR Centre of Norway.