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Student med PC og robot. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnesen

Master of Science in Data Science

Data Science is a two-year Master's programme that aims to increase the ICT competence of engineers

Master of Science in Energy, Reservoir and Earth Sciences

Do you want to lead in the future energy transition?

Master of Science in Marine and Offshore Technology

Oceans cover more than 70 % of the earth’s surface. However, those are still much unexplored. About

Ingeniørstudent i lab

Master of Science Structural and Mechanical Engineering

The world is changing, the technology is developing and we need to follow the fast moving trends and

law technology

Master of Science in Computational Engineering

A master's degree in Computational Engineering will give you knowledge and expertise in engineering

Graf på grønn skjerm

Master of Science in Industrial Asset Management

Do you want to nourish your engineering degree and be competent for managerial and technological job

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

Norway is recognized worldwide as a leader in the advances of offshore petroleum. With Stavanger

Kim Alstad foran pc skjerm humanoid robot koding datateknologi datavitenskap data student. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Master of Science in Computer Science

With a master’s in Computer Science, the door is open to some of the most challenging and