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Information about outbound exchange

Where and when can I go?

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Quality system for education

On this page you will find more information regarding UiS' quality system for education, the di

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Outbound exchange guide in Digital service desk

What, where, how?

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Erasmus+ programme

The UiS is holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and participates in all dimensions of

contact us. Photo: Miles Burke

International Office staff

The international office’s main function is to provide strategic and operational support and advice

Flyfoto av UiS og Stavanger. Foto: Morten Berentsen

International relations

The University of Stavanger welcomes a growing number of international students and staff to our reg

Jente på flyplass. Illustrasjon til utvekslingstilbudet ved UiS.veksling.

Preparedness in conjunction with stays abroad

It is a good idea to prepare for situations that may occur when you suddenly find yourself alone in

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Finances during your student exchange semester

As an exchange student you have a number of options regarding application for extra funding and gran

Jente på flyplass. Illustrasjon til utvekslingstilbudet ved UiS.

Insurance during your stay abroad

It is important that you have insurance when travelling.

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Pre-approval of courses for outbound exchange

Your exchange abroad must be academically relevant to count towards part of your degree at the Unive

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Final approval of your semester abroad

It is important that you apply for final approval of your stay abroad when you return.

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Go on, go for it - Study Abroad!

As a student at UiS, you have the opportunity to receive part of your education abroad, without losi

Hus i Italia. Utveksling.

Travel to Europe through Erasmus+

If you choose Europe when going on an exchange, you will be part of the big Erasmus family of studen

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Admission requirements when applying for an exchange

The University of Stavanger wants all students to have the opportunity to travel on exchange during

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Adaptations for a student exchange

The University of Stavanger would like all students to have the same opportunities to go on a an Exc


Application for outbound exchange

Students at the University of Stavanger start the application process the semester before they plan

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Become a Student Exchange Ambassador

As an exchange student from the Faculty of Science and Technology (TN) and the Faculty of Social Sci


Outbound exchange - Network and agreements

The University of Stavanger is obliged to have agreements with or be a member of a network of educat


Accommodation abroad

One of the things you need to do before going on an exchange is to find a place to stay.

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Student visas in the United States

Everyone studying in the United States must have a visa.


Checklist for accepted inbound exchange and internship students

Congratulations! You have just received a Letter of Admission from the University of Stavanger.


Academic calendar

Official semester dates at University of Stavanger.

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Application guide for inbound exchange students

If your home institution has an agreement with the UiS, you are welcome to apply as an exchange stud

Diploma, transcript of records, and credit system

The University of Stavanger was awarded the Diploma Supplement (DS) Label in 2010, renewed in 2013.