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Bokomslag: "The Weight of Gold" av Mica Jorgenson

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "The Weight of Gold" by Mica Jorgenson

Mon. 18.03.2024


Oljeplattform i Nordsjøen

Call for abstracts: Workshop on the "Empire and Capitalism" project

We invite scholars and researchers to contribute to a research workshop retreat exploring the...

Bokomslag: "Locusts of Power" av Samuel Dolbee

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Locusts of Power" by Samuel Dolbee

Mon. 11.03.2024


Bokomslag: "Energizing Neoliberalism" av Caleb Wellum

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: "Energizing Neoliberalism" by Caleb Wellum

Mon. 04.03.2024


En gruppe mennesker har kledd seg ut i klær fra vikingtiden og gjør seg klar til kamp

Call for Papers: The Middle Ages in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Relevance, Reimagination, Inspiration (MARRI)

22 August 2024 to 23 August 2024 at the University of Stavanger, Norway

Nordsjørigg, 1975

Empire and Capitalism: A Renewed Exploration of Extractive Activities in the North Sea

This research initiative aims to shed light on imperial logics and practices of extractive...

Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger

Library resources: Humanities

Here you find relevant resources for study and research in the humanities.

The beavers that moved to Sweden

A digital exhibition chronicles the reintroduction of beavers in Scandinavia 100 years ago.


Back to Blood: Pursuing a future from the Norse Past

Why are Vikings and the Norse past increasingly popular?

A number of Norwegians voluntarily joined the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. They fought to maintain slavery.

This and much more was discovered by Gunnar Nerheim when he dived deep into the history of the first...

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PhD in Educational Sciences and Humanities

The PhD programme in Educational Sciences and Humanities encompasses two research disciplines that...