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Veggene på Oljedirektoratets kontorbygg er kledd med solcellepaneler.

Solar Energy Research Group

Solar Energy Research Group seeks to overcome barriers to world solar adoption by connecting solar e


Interdisciplinary centre for Hydrogen Safety and Governance (HySAGO)

The vision for HySAGO is to establish a globally recognised centre for groundbreaking interdisciplin


Centre for Risk Informed Science and Policy (CRISP)

The proposed Centre for Risk Informed Science and Policy (CRISP) is assembling scholars from Norway

Daniel Tran

Meet risk engineer Daniel

– I carry out risk analyses and assessments related to accident incidents/accident loads for Ferry-f

Ingrid Glette-Iversen

Meet ph.d student Ingrid

– You are given the opportunity to study risk analysis in one of the most internationally acknowledg

Brannmenn som slukker en brann

ROADMAP – European observatory on disaster risk and crisis management best practices

The ROADMAP project has the overall objective to establish a European «doctrine on disaster risk and

Vindmøller sett gjennom skylag fra lufta

Climate change adaptation strategies

The RISKSEC 2.0 project studies local climate change adaptation – from risk governance to securitisa

UiS establishes an interdisciplinary research group within tunnel safety

Aiming to promote innovation and achieving increased tunnel safety, a research group has been establ

Risk Management and Societal Safety - PhD

Risk Management and Societal Safety is a subfield within the doctoral programme in Science and Techn

Brannmenn i røyk

Department of Safety, Economics and Planning

The department carries out research and offers study programmes at all levels within Risk management

Green behaviour through rewards

Associate Professor Ari Tarigan from the Department of economics, safety and planning is part of a g