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Student med PC og robot. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnesen

Master of Science in Data Science

Data Science lets engineering students from different fields become experts in machine learning and

Data Science

Master of Science in Computer Science – part-time

With a master’s in Computer Science, the door is open to some of the most challenging and

Kim Alstad foran pc skjerm humanoid robot koding datateknologi datavitenskap data student. Foto: Elisabeth Tønnessen

Master of Science in Computer Science

Become the expert needed to design secure and performant computer systems for smart digitalisation

Person holde en liggende mobiltelefon i begge hendene. Det er 2 klosser som det står 5G på toppen av mobilen.

Introduction to 5G (5 credits) E-DAT302

Wireless communication has achieved ever-greater popularity in the last two decades and has already...

Portrett av Habib Ullah

"Computational Engineering has opened numerous doors of opportunities for me"

Despite having a non-IT background, the combination of engineering and IT skills provided by the...



LED is the student association for students that study electrical- and computer engineering.

Stavanger AI Lab – education

In this page you find the courses taught at University of Stavanger related to artifical...