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Mark van der Giezen og Martin Watson. OBS: Ikke bruk i sosiale medier. Foto: Kjersti Riiber

UiS partner in new One Health project

The purpose of the new research project is to support advancement of Blastocystis research by bringi

Neutron star, Pulsar 3d illustration

In the core of a neutron star

How can the established theory of particle physics, the Standard Model, be used to predict the mater

Fjell og sjø

Sustainable cultivation of red seaweed

This Nordic country collaborative project aims to improve existing harvesting methods and establish


Marine Sewage Outfalls – Environmental Impact Evaluation (SANOCEAN) focusing on ocean research inclu

Porous Liquids

Porous Liquids: New porous liquids for gas separation and carbon capture

The Porous Liquids project aims at developing a new technology for environmentally friendly and effi


MOFsorbMET: Metal-organic frameworks for recovery and separation of critical metals

The MOFSORBMET project is developing MOFs for the adsorption-enhanced recovery of critical metals fr

Professor Malcolm Kelland og forsker Mohamed Mady på laboratoriet

Green and sustainable chemistry

This research group focuses on exploring and implementing green and sustainable chemistry into novel

Svart T-skjorte med periodisk tabell på laboratoriet

Organic chemistry

Organic chemistry provides useful tools to attack some of the big challenges we are facing in societ

Forskningslaben Molecular Parasitology and Mitochondrial Biochemistry.

Molecular parasitology and mitochondrial biochemistry

How do microbes affect human health, animal health and food security?

Illustrasjon av kjernen til en nøytronstjerne

Quark-Lab: Centre for fundamental physics research (SFF)

A proposed centre of excellence (SFF), Quark-Lab will build a bridge between the collider physics an

Formler på en hvit tavle

Complex and harmonic analysis

The field of complex analysis focuses on the study of calculus involving the complex numbers.

Grafikk av fargerike stråler og prikker på svart bakgrunn

Materials science

Research activities within the materials science group focus on the structure and dynamics of novel

Fotografi av stjernetåke

Mathematical physics

In its broadest sense, mathematical physics may be construed as the application of rigorous mathemat

Bilde av partikkelaksellerator i CERN-tunnelen

Theoretical subatomic physics and cosmology

Subatomic Physics and Cosmology covers particle and nuclear physics, as well as astroparticle physic

Illustrasjonsfoto av en haug med terninger

Mathematical statistics

The mathematical statistics group concentrates on the following research fields:

Illustrasjon av algebraisk geometri

Algebraic geometry

Algebraic geometry is a branch of mathematics which classically is devoted to the study of solutions

Cathrine Lillo

Protein phosphatases and signalling

PP2A and PP4 (Protein Phosphatase 2A and Protein Phosphatase 4) are conserved enzymes found in all e

Forskergruppen med Tia Tidwell, Martin Watson, Ansooya Bokil, Julie Nikolaisen, Abdelnour Alhourani og Hanne Hagland (i midten) står på en trapp. Fotograf: Ingvild Festervoll Melien

Metabolic flexibility in cell systems

The research group lead by Hanne R. Hagland studies metabolic flexibility in cell systems.

Fotomontasje av professor Peter Ruoff i laboratoriet og en urskive

Cellular metabolism and circadian systems

The research group led by Professor Peter Ruoff studies cellular metabolism and circadian systems us

Grønn plante i laboratoriet

ÅNDE – The biogenesis of photoautotrophy

Photosynthesis is the fundamental metabolic process on earth that has successfully enabled organisms

Construction of larger PAHs

Synthesis of PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)

The PAH synthesis at UiS began as a bachelor thesis driven project to provide analytical reference m

Lab activitiy_students at a lab connected to Ecotoxicology and environmental monitoring

Ecotoxicology and environmental monitoring

Our research mainly focuses on the development of biological markers using molecular biology techniq

Research in physics and mathematics

We perform cross-disciplinary research across departments on medical statistics, petroleum physics a

Mikroskop på laboratorium

Research in chemistry, environmental and biological sciences

Our research groups study human, animal, plant and environmental health in an interdisciplinary way.