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Bilde av Arkeologisk museum

Arkeologisk museum

Ph.d. i samfunnsvitenskap

PhD Programme in Social Sciences

The PhD programme in Social Sciences at the University of Stavanger is divided into five research...

Visit the Iron Age Farm at Ullandhaug

Visit the Iron Age Farm at Ullandhaug and experience life in the Late Iron Age. Sit around the open...

Illustrasjoner av gjenstander i monter i utstillingen "Fabelaktige dyr" på Arkeologisk museum

Exhibit case information for "Fabulous Animals"

From September 2023 until November 2024 you can visit the exhibition "Fabulous Animals" at Museum of...

På øya Rennesøy fant en metalldetektorist nylig ni myntlignende gullanheng med sjeldne hestesymboler, i tillegg til ti gullperler og tre ringer av gull. Foto: Annette Græsli Øvrelid, Arkeologisk museum, UiS

Discovery of the century – Norwegian gold treasure found with a metal detector

Extraordinary gold find from the 6th century discovered on the island of Rennesøy, Stavanger.

yggdrasil med hauker svart hvitt

New Viking Period exhibition coming soon

Our new Viking exhibition, focused on myths and stories from the Viking Period, opens Friday 25th of...

Drvitømmer foran steinstrand

10 million NOK for research on under-explored marine resources

Environmental changes from generation to generation aren’t always visible. A new research project...

alle deltagerne dublinia

Sharing Knowledge - Creating Impact

Erasmus+ program, museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger

Smykkene til Frafjord-kvinnen.

Jewellery from grave of high status Viking woman delivered at museum’s door

Archaeologists at the Museum of Archaeology in Stavanger could hardly believe their eyes when dress...

The hilt has unique details in gold and silver and exquisite details not previously known.

Unique sword casts new light on Viking voyages across the North Sea

A unique type of Viking Age sword with spectacular ornamentation has been found in Stavanger. The...


Viking beacons - Militarism in northern Europe

The project will investigate beacons or warning fires that were lit during attacks on the country in...

Bilde av bølger

LAST-conference in june

Invitation to Conference on the social impact of disasters and climate change . 9.-10. June 2022 in...

Åpen bok med bilder av arkeologiske gjenstander

The library at the Museum of Archaeology

The library is open to staff, students, and anyone interested in our fields of study. Our specialist...

Barn på Jernaldergården

Winter at the Iron Age Farm

What´s happening at the Iron Age Farm in February and March?

Familie ser på vikingkart

Winter at the museum of Archeology

What´s happening at the museum in February and March?

Lunsj på Arkeologisk museum

Welcome to Café Ask and Embla: Flavours from the pre-history

Welcome to Café Ask and Embla, a delightful culinary destination at the Museum of Archaeology and...

Bronselurer. Funnet på Revheim. Fra yngre bronsealder. Foto: Annette Øvrelid, Arkeologisk museum, UiS

Explore the prehistory in our exhibitions

At the Museum of Archaeology, you meet the past in new and modern exhibitions. Here you get the...

Bilde av fasaden til Arkeologisk museum

About the Museum of Archaeology

The Museum of Archaeology at UiS conducts research, administration and dissemination regarding human...

Bilde av fasaden til Arkeologisk museum

Welcome to the Museum of Archaeology

Opening hours and prices at the Museum of Archaeology and the Iron Age Farm.