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Sosiologi bachelor, illustrasjonsfoto. Studenter på campus

Local admission to Master programmes and further studies

En kvinnelig og en mannlig student sitter med datamaskiner på et bord og ler sammen.

Application and admission


Inbound exchange

Benjamin Hayette

Admission process for Norwegian Language and Culture for international students

Here you find information on how to apply to the to one-year studies level 2 and 3, and level 3 and...

Calendar - Photo by Nathan Dumlao

When to Apply?

Here you can find information about which application category you belong to and when you can apply...

Foto fra danseforestilling ved Rimi/Imir. Fotograf: Marie von Krogh

Study programmes offered at the Faculty of Performing Arts

At the Faculty of Performing Arts we educate musicans, conductors, dancers and teachers. Find your...

Campus Ullandhaug, dronofotografi

International admission to Master programmes

We are happy that you want to become a master's student at the University of Stavanger. Here you can...

Studenter på campus Bjergsted

Is it a match?

We are happy to invite you, as an applicant to one of our study programme, to a free trial lesson...


How much are the tuition fees?

Students with citizenship from outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are required to pay the tuition...


Tuition fees for international students

Students with citizenship from a country outside of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are required to pay...

Kvinne holder pass og peker på den

Confirmation of citizenship

From 2023, all applicants to studies at the Faculty of Performing Arts are required to upload a...

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Exemptions from paying tuition fees

Students from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are required to pay...

Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag, campus Bjergsted. Foto: Marius Vervik

Tuition Fees Admission Autumn 2024

- Faculty of Performing Arts.

Dronebilde campus Bjergsted

Admission to Music Performance Studies 2024

Here you can read about the auditions for studies in music performance. You will also find...

spørsmåltegn - by Simone Secci

Admission process for Master in Prehospital Critical Care

This includes more information regarding the admission process for Prehospital Critical Care (PHCC).

Foto: Thea Høie

Undergraduate programmes

Undergraduate programmes at the University of Stavanger are taught in Norwegian. For more...

Fargerike blyanter står i ett glass med naturbakgrunn

Single courses

Now you can apply for single courses at the University of Stavanger without having been admitted to...

bike parked on campus by Ryan Jacobson

Early admission for international applicants

Applicants to international master's programmes with outstanding academic backgrounds may be granted...

campus Ullandhaug og Flagghøyden i frodige sommerfarger.

Available studies for local admission

Available studies will be published on this page.

Utregning i kalkulator. Foto: Kelly Sikkema

Conversion of results for local admission

If you are applying through local admission, we use the conversion scales below to calculate your...

Language requirements

As a general requirement, all applicants must meet the English language requirement. For studies...

Early admission and prior qualifications for local admission

On this page you can find more information regarding early admission and prior qualifications for...

Sosiologi bachelor, illustrasjonsfoto. Studenter på campus

Practical information

Find practical information for international students coming to the University of Stavanger.

Books - Photo by Kari Shea

Academic Requirements for International Applicants

Guide to academic requirements for admission to an International Master's degree (taught in English)...