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Privacy is about being in control of the information that is available about you on the internet.

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Privacy: I am going to stream or record tuition

If you are going to make a recording of a lecture, a course or a seminar which you are lecturing at,

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Privacy: I am a researcher

If you are going to use personal data in your research, either general or special categories of pers

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Privacy Policy at UiS

Privacy is about ensuring that we all have the opportunity to make decisions about all information w

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Checklist for data processing agreements

Data processing agreements shall be entered into when personal data is to be processed by someone wh

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Checklist for processing personal data

Here is a list of some of the things you need to do before you start processing personal data.

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Privacy: I am teaching

Teachers are responsible for ensuring that the privacy of those who participate in the teaching is r

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I supervise students

When personal data, health data or other special categories of personal data (sensitive personal dat

Nærbilde av programmeringsspråk på skjerm

Information on data protection and use of cookies

The University of Stavanger comply with regulations on privacy and data protection and the principle

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I am a student and writing my Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis

If, in your capacity as a student, you are going to write your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis and you