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PhD Education at the University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger has five PhD programmes that cover a wide range of disciplines.


PhD skills development courses and events

Here you will find an overview of PhD skills development courses and other events related to the PhD...

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PhD Programme in Health and Medicine

The PhD programme in Health and Medicine is a doctoral programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences...

Ph.d. i samfunnsvitenskap

PhD Programme in Social Sciences

The PhD programme in Social Sciences at the University of Stavanger is divided into five research...

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Do you want to research a PhD on museums and sustainability?

The Greenhouse Center for Environmental Humanities can help you develop your project.

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For PhD candidates: Tools and guidance

Find the tools and guidance you need throughout your PhD.

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PhD at UiS?

Are you considering pursuing a PhD at UiS? Explore our available fellowship positions and learn how...

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Contact information for the PhD administration

Find contact information for those who work within PhD administration, and other relevant contact...

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The Greenhouse: Announcements

See below for opportunities to work with us.

Doktogradsstudentar utfor Elise Ottesen Jensens Hus saman med Eric Bettinger

– It is amazing to have Eric Bettinger giving a course here at UiS

He is one of the foremost RCTs experts and has again taught PhD-students from all over Europe at UiS...

For PhD supervisors at UiS

Are you, or do you want to become, a PhD supervisor at the University of Stavanger? Read about the...

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Courses - PhD in Science and Technology

Here is an overview of all the PhD courses available at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

To unge menn og to unge kvinner står ved bord og ser inn i kamera

UiS Doctoral Community 2023

UiSDC is an academic and social forum, contributing towards a good research environment in Stavanger...

Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag

PhD in artistic research

The PhD programme in artistic research provides for the three research disciplines dance, music and...

Doktorgradskandidat ved pc

14 recommendations for a successful disputation

A disputation, the public defence of a PhD candidate’s thesis, is a serious matter. How can you...

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Courses and seminars

There are different types of courses for PhD candidates at the University of Stavanger.

Marte Tobro og Dominik Stelzenede

A successful first Ph.D. course on randomized controlled trials

– This course is useful for anybody interested in experimental design, says Ph.D.-student Dominik...

Admission to PhD programmes

Here you will find information on how to proceed when you apply for admission to one of the PhD...

Quality work in the Ph.D.-programmes

The quality assurance of the Ph.D.-educations follows the same overall principles for evaluations...

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Regulations and forms related to PhD education

Overview of regulations, guidelines, forms and templates for use in the PhD education at the...


The Research School in Economics and Business Administration

The Research School in Economics and Business Administration (ECOBA) educate researchers who study...

Studenter ved Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag. Foto: Marius Vervik, 2018

The students' ombudsperson

Although student life for most people is a wonderful time, it can present small and big challenges.

PhD course of study at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Are you a new PhD candidate at the Faculty of Science and Technology? Here you will find an overview...

PHD 1-2-3

Are you a new PhD candidate? Here you will find an overview of the course of study. The overview...