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Delvis skjult person med filmkamera og headsett filmer skikkelser som er ute av fokus.

Video abstracts

In this selection of video abstracts, we provide a glimpse into exciting and important research...

Impact Case: The National IOR Centre of Norway

The National IOR Centre has provided cost efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for...

Merete Vadla Madland, Prorektor for forskning

New rights retention strategy gives researchers greater rights

The University of Stavanger has introduced a new rights retention strategy for employees in order to...

En gruppe mennesker har kledd seg ut i klær fra vikingtiden og gjør seg klar til kamp

Call for Papers: The Middle Ages in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Relevance, Reimagination, Inspiration (MARRI)

22 August 2024 to 23 August 2024 at the University of Stavanger, Norway

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The library answers your questions on Open Science

Assuring free access to scientific findings is the essence of Open Science. There are multiple ways...

En ungdom får trøst av en voksen.

– Parents can play a major role in the work to prevent cyberbullying

A new international research project will determine whether parents can have a more important role...

Tre ansatte med blå hettegenser

They help hundreds of researchers each year

Elin, Linda, and John David at the Stavanger University Library are passionate about research being...

Kvinne tar notater mens hun snakker med mann gjennom PC.

Learning design for flexible education (FLeD)

The FLeD project aims to facilitate the design of effective flexible learning scenarios for Faculty.

Whole Slide Imaging, Digitalization and Automation of Histopathological Lesion Evaluation in Marine Organisms

Whole Slide Imaging, Digitalization and Automation of Histopathological Lesion Evaluation in Marine Organisms

Use of histopathology to identify changes in marine species in response to contaminants is a long...


5G Vehicle-to-Everything (5G-V2X) communications for tunnel safety

How can the tunnel safety industry benefit from the use of 5G networks and V2X communications? What...

Smilende kvinne som bærer en stor bunke bøker

Publications from the INTERACT project

Articles from the project. Use the DOI-link to read abstract.

Smilende kvinne med blondt, langt hår iført sort genser og beige cardigan står på en gangvei med trær på hver side og smiler til kamera. Foto.

Will study children's cognitive functioning with low-magnetic MRI machine

A portable, low-magnetic MRI machine gives researchers an indication of whether a child is going to...

Studenter presenterer på en scene.

Energy Norway 2024

Mon. 15.04 09:00

Wed. 17.04 16:00

Kvinne med mørkt hår og grå genser sitter og ser på et digitalt nettbrett. I bakgrunnen ses bakken, som består av mursteiner.

Safety and Resilience Through Digital Technologies

Safety and Resilience Through Digital Technologies: A Participatory Study with Women at the...

Nordsjørigg, 1975

Empire and Capitalism: A Renewed Exploration of Extractive Activities in the North Sea

This research initiative aims to shed light on imperial logics and practices of extractive...

Forsiden av Physics of Fluids

Their article in Physics of Fluids was selected as “Featured Article”

Physics of Fluids (PoF) belongs to American Institute of Physics (AIP) academic journals and is...

Mehul Vora disputerer.

Environmental risk assessment of enhanced oil recovery solutions

In his PhD work, Mehul Vora has contributed to new knowledge about the environmental risk related to...

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IAI Research Group Successfully Organizes ECIR'22

The IAI Research Group at the University of Stavanger (UiS) organized the 44th European Conference...

IAI Research Group Successfully Organizes ICTIR'20

The IAI Research Group at the University of Stavanger (UiS) organized the ACM SIGIR International...

Exciting Developments in IAI: Recap of 2022

The year 2022 was filled with significant achievements and activities for IAI (Information Access...

What Happened in IAI in 2021: Highlights and Achievements

IAI (Information Access and Interaction) at the University of Stavanger had a fruitful and eventful...

Special Core Analysis – Modeling, Experimental Design and Upscaling

Prediction of subsurface multiphase or single-phase flow processes is challenging, but important for...

Deltakere i forskningsprosjektet InvolveMENT som smiler til kameraet

Improving mental health services with and for indigenous and ethnic minority youth

The InvolveMENT project aims to improve the mental health of indigenous and ethnic minority youth by...

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Geometry and analysis

The group conducts research in algebraic geometry, complex analysis and geometry, mathematical...