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Energi, miljø og samfunn, master

Master in Energy, Environment and Society

In this study programme, you will be learning about sustainability. Climate change and biodiversity

Portrett av Ozan Felix Sousbois

Incel norms and masculinity (INCELNOR-MA)

Radicalization of Gender and Anti-democracy: the Case of Incels in Nordic-Europe. INCELNOR-MA aims...

Kvinne med mørkt hår og grå genser sitter og ser på et digitalt nettbrett. I bakgrunnen ses bakken, som består av mursteiner.

Safety and Resilience Through Digital Technologies

Safety and Resilience Through Digital Technologies: A Participatory Study with Women at the...

Foto: 330 Skvradronen/ Forsvaret

Impact Case: Robust risk regulation in the petroleum industry

Over the last 15 years, research by the Department of Safety, Economics and Planning (ISØP) at The...

Foto ovenfra av en skog fullt av grønne trær.

Sustainability Transformation

This programme area addresses the governance of energy transitions.

Foto av mennesker på første rad av en forsamling hvor de tydeligvis hører på et foredrag eller lignende.

National Conference in Political Science

Welcome to the annual National Conference in Political Science at the Department of Media and Social...

Understanding Immersion

A UiS Research Project. The quality of being immersive is increasingly held to be a desirable...

Norway’s digital infrastructures

The project investigates how Norway’s digital infrastructures enable an open and inclusive public...

FNs bærekraftsmål

UNESCO Chair on Leadership, Innovation and Anticipation

The UNESCO Chair is a collaboration between The University of Stavanger and the Nordic Institute for...

PC på bord nært en kvinne som leser en bok

Library resources: Media and social science

Information and useful links to scientific and subject-relevant sources for research and studies in...

Social and Spatial Justice

This research group is dedicated to the theoretical and empirical study of social and spatial...

Utku Ali Riza Alpaydin

University-Industry collaborations

Public defence: Utku Ali Rıza Alpaydin defended his PhD at the University of Stavanger 24th of March...


Back to Blood: Pursuing a future from the Norse Past

Why are Vikings and the Norse past increasingly popular?

Gorm Kipperberg is the new Professor of Environmental Economics at UiS

Gorm Kipperberg has been promoted to professor of environmental economics at the UiS Business School...

Stavager symfoniorkester

Research group in Interactionist Cultural Sociology

Cultural sociology studies the repertoires of meaning and interpretation that people deploy when...

Arne Rettedals hus i høstfarger

How to encourage and develop Postgraduate Supervision?

This research program area is aimed at preparing better graduate and postgraduate candidates.

Ikoner for helse svever over en utstrakt hånd.

ISPAS: Paths to Successful Innovation

By developing a new joint curriculum of PhD courses, candidates will be better equipped in areas of...

Helse og teknologi

Releasing the Power of Users - articulating user interest to accelerate new innovative pathways in the digital health and welfare sector

A project focusing on the health care sector and how to amplify the voice of the users when applying...

Illustrasjon av storby med ikoner som viser ulike teknologier

Centre for Innovation Research

New ideas and concepts are the key to prosperity and to the wealth and wellbeing of nations, regions...

The situation in Cuba

Look to Scandinavia – the museum of the good parts of the capitalism, says Vegard Bye in this...

Minor in Gender Studies

Now you can do a Minor in Gender Studies at UiS. The minor is a 30 ECTS in-depth study programme...

En mann med lue holder en åpen, brennende avis.

Populism, a necessary challenge for democracy?

The research group aims to understand how socio-political practices and processes work in...

En ung mann kledd i jeans og svart genser går langs en vegg.

How to support offender rehabilitation through improving interagency collaboration in criminal justice systems?

Colab is a group of researchers exploring challenges related to poor mental health among criminals...

Geir Skeie. Foto: Mari Hult

UNESCO chair at UiS

In 2020 The University of Stavanger (UiS) was awarded a UNESCO professorship on the topic of...