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Illustrasjonsfoto av politibil med blålys på taket

In case of emergency

What do you do when an emergency occurs?

grønn snakkeboble med tre prikker i, gul bakgrunn

Let us know!

The university welcomes your feedback!

koronavirus illustrasjon

Corona-information for students at campus Bjergsted

All teaching will be digital for the next 14 days, but the campus will still be open.

We all need someone

Spring is on the horison, vaccines are being rolled out, and there should be a lot to look forward t

Semesterstart, faddergruppe på campus Ullandhaug

Guide for new students

Step by step guide to registration for new students.

Leni Mæland

Student chaplain at UiS

The student chaplain at UiS is Leni Mæland.

uteområde på campus Ullandhaug. Foto: Mari Hult

Campus guide

Here you'll find information for visitors to UiS.

sis helse

Student health and welfare

Psychologists, therapists and a public health nurse work at SiS to attend to the health and welfare

Studenter ved Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag. Foto: Marius Vervik, 2018

The students' ombudsperson

Although student life for most people is a wonderful time, it can present small and big challenges.


IT Regulations

Som bruker av IKT utstyr og tjenester ved UiS, så er du forpliktet til å kjenne til de regler som gj


Data Storage and Security

Are you unsure where to store data?


Information from UiS-IT

On this page you will find news and operational announcements from the IT Department at UiS.



On this page you will find information about how to get to and from Ullandhaug by bicycle, bus and c

Software and Services

The University of Stavanger offers several free software packages and services for students attendin

Printing and Scanning

The printing solution at UiS is called Follow Me Print.

Activate IT user account

As a student at UiS, you must activate your IT user to be able to use IT services at UiS.

Canvas and Inspera

Here you will find information about Canvas and Inspera

Username and Password

Information on how to recover or change password

Wifi logo


At UiS you can connect to the wireless network eduroam or uis guest network.

Rektor oppfordrer studenter til å overholde smittevernreglene

Message from the rector: Keep your distance!

We have partially reopened campus, and that's wonderful!