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Alumner med hatter i luften

Join UiS Alumni

The University of Stavanger offers a network for former UiS students. As a UiS alumnus you can join...

Morten Dahlseng Røsbak foto privat

Morten takes a deep dive into his own creative universe

- Since there are so many fun and skilled people on the faculty, I thought that a couple of years...

Andreas Wetås Jara masterstudent cello

Andreas took his bachelor's degree in Sweden and chose to come to Stavanger for a master

- At the Faculty of Performing Arts I quickly got to know many great fellow students both in the...

Hånd med blyant, papirer og datamaskin

The Collaboration Portal – register and find assignment topics

Do you have suggestions for bachelors or master's theses? In the Collaboration Portal, you can...

Lærer i klasserommet_illustrasjon

Courses offered to inbound exchange students

The University of Stavanger offers a broad range of single courses for exchange students.