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Academic writing

Learning how to write academic texts is an important part of being a student. Here you will find...

Kurs i EndNote ved Universitetsbibliotket

About EndNote

It can be challenging to keep track of the literature you use of in your studies and research. It is...

LaTeX logo

About LaTeX

LaTeX is an advanced document preparation system designed for large and complex documents. LaTeX is...

Kurs i Tableau fra Universitetsbiblioteket

About Tableau

Tableau allows you to quickly make large and unmanageable data into easy-to-read overviews. You can...

Kurs i Zotero fra Universitetsbiblioteket

About Zotero

Zotero is a free and user-friendly program that creates references and bibliographies for you...

Illustrasjon Ryyan

About Rayyan

Rayyan is a free, web-based tool that lets you screen your references for systematic reviews or...

Kurs i NVivo ved Universitetsbiblioteket

About NVivo

Overwhelmed by large amounts of non-numerical data? NVivo is a great tool if you need to sort...

Studieverkstedet ved Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger

The Study Lab helps you with your writing

Need help with academic writing? Book guidance with student mentors from The Study Lab at Stavanger...

Undervisning i bibliotekets Dataverksted

Classes from the library

The library offers classes that helps you with academic writing and reference management. We offer...

Bilde av studenter i et klasserom

Why can't ChatGPT just write my paper?

Since the fall of 2022, we’ve seen ChatGPT and similar AI-based programs become increasingly popular...

Universitetsbiblioteket i Stavanger

Syllabus books are now available for one-day loans

Syllabus books for one-day loans will be found on separate shelves, making it easier to find the...

Studenter sitter og jobber sammen i studieverkstedet på UiS

Join a writing group for master's students

The Study Lab offers writing groups where master's students can receive feedback on their master's...

EndNote logo med biblioteket i Stavanger som bakgrunn

Introduction to EndNote

Wed. 18.10.2023


University library, the library course room
KE A-253
Illustration of a girl sitting by a desk with a cup of coffee, working on her laptop.

Basics of Academic Writing: How to avoid plagiarism

Tue. 03.10.2023


University Library
KE A-204