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Logo for Pumps & Pipes Norway

Norway Pumps and Pipes

The Pumps and Pipes initiative fosters collaboration and transfer of knowledge between oil and gas a

simulering anestesi og operasjonssykepleie

Department of Quality and Health Technology

The department’s main objective is to facilitate high-quality care for patients and users in healthc

Thor Ole Gulsrud på Forsker Stand-up

Norway Pumps and Pipes at Forsker Stand-up

What can medical research learn from research within the oil and gas industry, and vice versa?

Trening i HelseCampus

A Norwegian project for student active simulation-based learning in higher education

Here we present a project that will substantially build on the findings of SAFETY+ and offers possib

simulering anestesi og operasjonssykepleie

Each emergency is different and requires different skills

Two medical emergencies have been outlined in this article.

Simulering i HelseCampus Stavanger - Ambulansearbeider bruker ultralyd i undersøkelse av pasient på skadested

Can remote ultrasound training be as effective as standard classroom training?

How can we organize ultrasound training in a pandemic situation and across national borders?

Faglærere i paramedisin under simulering

EU funding for new simulation course in emergency medicine

Together with nine partners, the Faculty of Health Sciences at UiS has received approximately NOK 10