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Greenhouse biblioteket med planter i forgrunnen

The Greenhouse

Solnedgang med rosa blomster i forgrunn

The Greenhouse: Announcements

This section contains job adverts and announcements about funding opportunities.

Graffit of six men carrying an oil drum on their shoulders as if bearing a coffin at a funeral. A wreath of flowers has been placed on the oil drum

The Greenhouse Green Transitions Fellows Blog

Reflections from the Green Transitions Fellows at The Greenhouse 2022

A bale of plastic lies in the foreground with an x-ray image of a whale in the background. In the middle ground, nets and other detritus hang from the ceiling

Greenhouse Green Transitions Workshops 2022

In the fall of 2022, University of Stavanger is running a series of workshops as part of a semester...

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Greenhouse Green Transitions Fellows 2022

In the fall of 2022, University of Stavanger is welcoming 12 guest researchers and artists from...

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The Greenhouse: Events

Information about forthcoming and previous events

Åker med voksende planter og Ullandhaugtårnet i bakgrunn

The Greenhouse: Research

Information about our research projects and research networks

Greenhouse biblioteket med planter i forgrunnen

Perspectives on Environmental Justice in Scandinavian Green Transitions

Call for papers

A robin on a rubbish bin

AtHOME blog

The blog of the AtHOME project

Electricity pylon silhouetted against a blue sky with birds on it

AtHOME: Histories of animals, technological infrastructure, and making more-than-human homes in the modern age

How can we understand animals as being at home with human-built infrastructure?

Members of The Greenhouse meet in the Greenhouse library

Greenhouse Green Transitions Fellows

The Greenhouse environmental humanities group at the University of Stavanger is organizing a year...

Nuclear Nordics

Radioactive Waste Spatialities, Materialities and Societies in the Nordic Region, 1960s to 1990s


Back to Blood: Pursuing a future from the Norse Past

Why are Vikings and the Norse past increasingly popular?

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Citizen Science for Environmental Citizenship

Mann og kvinne smiler til kamera

New research centre at UiS: The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse was established as a research group in 2017 and quickly distinguished itself...

Bokomslag: "Oceans under Glass" av Samantha Muka

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: Oceans under Glass by Samantha Muka

Mon. 06.02.2023


Bokomslag: Ecologies of Inception av Simone Ferracina

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: Ecologies of Inception by Simone Ferracina

Mon. 20.02.2023


Bokomslag: The Celluloid Specimen av Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa

Greenhouse online environmental humanities book talks series: The Celluloid Specimen by Benjamín Schultz-Figueroa

Mon. 13.02.2023