Industrial and Public Sector PhD Scheme

Do you want to do a PhD alongside working? Then the Industrial or Public Sector PhD Scheme might be relevant for you and the company you are employed at.

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Industrial and Public Sector PhD scheme

In an industrial or public sector PhD project, UiS and a business or public institution collaborate on a doctoral project. The project is carried out by an employee under guidance from UiS and the company.

Companies that enter into an agreement with UiS and a PhD candidate can receive a financial grant through the Research Council, which corresponds to half the grant rate for three years. The payment is given as project support to the company and not as a personal scholarship to the candidate.


Application for admission to an industrial or public sector PhD is sent directly to the faculty. The application is submitted on the prescribed application form:

Application for admission to a PhD program at the University of Stavanger (pdf)

Here you can find contact persons at the faculties.

The following must be attached to the application:

  • Certificate of completed master's degree/major subject/professional examination or equivalent
  • Any diplomas from other relevant schools/studies
  • Project description
  • Any list of publications (in addition to the main/master's thesis)
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Documentation for financing the research training

The course of study for industry or public sector PhD candidates is similar to the course for candidates who are employed at UiS. For more information, see the tools and guidance for PhD candidates. Also note that external PhD candidates may have a residency requirement at UiS.

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