Silje Haus-Reve

Associate professor of Innovation and Regional Studies at the University of Stavanger Business School.

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Silje Haus-Reve is an Associate professor of Innovation and Regional Studies at the UiS Business School at the University of Stavanger, where she also is affiliated Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research. From 2023 she also serves as the Head of the Department of Innovation, Management and Marketing at UiS Business School.

She received her PhD from UiS Business School in 2019, and outputs from this research have been published in leading international journals, including Research Policy, Regional Studies, and Economics Geography. She has a master's in economics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology 2010. Haus-Reve has over ten years of experience as a researcher, first in SINTEF and then in NORCE, where she still is affiliated as Researcher II.

Her research deals with different aspects of innovation, regional development and innovation policies. She is involved and provides analysis input to regional stakeholders and counties like Rogaland and Vestland in their Smart Specialisation strategy development. She is one of the co-founders of DiveOpp and tool for identifying diversification opportunities in smart specialization, used by several regional governments. She has contributed to a wide range of national and internationally funded projects, such as “Regional Growth Against All Odds – ReGrow” in collaboration with Lund University (projects holder and PI: Markus Grillitsch) and the University of Tampere.

Haus-Reve is part of the editorial board of the Nordic Economic Festival, Kåkånomics festival together with Professor and Dean Ola Kvaløy, Professor and  UiS rector Klaus Moen, Tom Hetland, Bothild Åslaugsdotter Nordsletten, Jørg Arne Jørgensen, and Jan Inge Reilstad. 



Haus-Reve's most recent publications:

Does combining different types of collaboration always benefit firms? Collaboration, complementarity and product innovation in Norway. Research Policy48(6), 1476-1486. (Together with Fitjar, Rune. D., & Rodríguez-Pose, Andres).

Does Assimilation Shape the Economic Value of Immigrant Diversity?  Economic Geography, 1-23. (Together with Cooke, Abigail, Fitjar, Rune. D., & Kemeny Tom).

The black box of regional growth Journal of Geographical Systems, 1-40. (Together with Grillitsch, M., Martynovich, M., Fitjar, R. D., & Haus-Reve, S). 

For more information on her publications, please see: researchgate – profil or RePec-profile



Selected Op-Eds by Haus-Reve.

 Immigrant assimilation could dampen potential economic benefits - The Academic Times, 29 May, 2021. Interviewed by The Academic Times.

«Mange olje- og gassbedrifter er klare til å satse grønt». Live sending, 9. Desember 2020. Interviewed by Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK Radio Rogaland.

Sju av ti vil satse nytt - Næringsforeningen i Stavanger ( Interviewed by Roskilden Magazine, Stavanger Chamber of Commerce. 2020.

Silje Haus-Reve
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