User Café with Norwegian Smart Care Lab

In November 2021, our project team and Norwegian Smart Care Lab ran their first physical User Café

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En eldre mann og dame leser avis på kafe.

One might wonder what a User Café is? As with any Cafe, it assumes interaction between people in a relaxed atmosphere. We wanted this interaction to happen around the notion of innovation. The dialog was arranged between older adults and innovative firm Kakadu, which is developing a creative and user-friendly portal to explore digital technology options available in Norway for this group of population.

This method of user involvement is co-developed with NSCL and our Research Project to allow the vulnerable user group- older adults- to feel safe and relaxed. Their inputs can then be used for product or service development by entrepreneurs and innovators.

This Café was the first physical Café arranged by the project. However, it is worth mentioning that earlier in 2021, two more fully digital User Café’s were conducted with the same purpose, bringing user voices into the innovation development process. We explore and continue to research the effectiveness of digital and non-digital user involvement methods and their application in the Living Lab setting, with an upcoming User Café on the 24th of May in Stavanger Helsecampus.  You can watch a video explaining the method below.

User cafe videos (in Norwegian) (in English)