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KnowHow EdTech 2020

September 23-25, NETTOP-UIS hosted the KnowHow EdTech conference for the 5th time. This time online.

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The broadcasts were located from a studio in Copenhagen in addition to the DDV location on the campus Ullandhaug.

More than 3,000 people have now enjoyed the KnowHow EdTech 2020 online event. - We are very pleased that the technical production worked as intended. Now, is the job of leading the concept further towards 2021, says department director in NETTOP-UIS, Atle Løkken. - We have a wide range of ideas that we hope we will have the opportunity to realize next year, and not least be able to offer sessions both live and online.

In 2020, the broadcasts went on for three days (two hours each day), with the themes Digital is the new normal, Tools and toys and Predictive learning.

Some highlights:

- Urgent with increased cooperation between the technology industry and the authorities

Casper Klynge was for several years Denmark's technology ambassador (the first technology ambassador in the world, in fact), and is now Microsoft's director of European government relations. He believes there is an urgent need for better cooperation between the technology industry and the authorities in Europe. Casper talked about how technology tackled the challenges of the corona crisis.

Pioneering online education - due to the ash crisis

Melissa Highton is the Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services at the University of Edinburgh. Note that the director of education is responsible for the web services, which is unusual in a Norwegian context. The University of Edinburgh made a strategic decision to offer its campus-based education available online, as a result of the SARS epidemic and the ash crisis in Iceland. At that point they realized the consequences of living on an Island. This business-critical decision made the university one of the best in online education, and in addition a top-50 university.

Deep fake video allows you to communicate in 27 languages ​​(Yes, you read that right)

The company Synthesia has a video tool that can "harvest" your facial expressions and with the help of artificial intelligence, the video of "you" can be fed with a text script in 27 different languages. What opportunities does it offer in education? Read more and see the example of an artificial teacher that we have made in five minutes ourselves.

The basic logic of computer games is learning

James Portnow is the director of the company Rainmaker Games and is passionate about game-based learning. He believes that the basic logic of computer games is learning, and is also one of the contributors to the inspiring video learning series Extra Credits, which has 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

MR + VR + AI

The conference was also visited by the company Surgery Vision ( which inserts medical MRI images into VR tools and enables surgeons to navigate around the image to prepare for surgery. The goal is to link the tool to artificial intelligence (AI) in the future so that the tool can be used to diagnose people worldwide.

Also contributors from UiS!

UiS 'own Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad from the Faculty of Health Sciences presented the DigiSim app, which contains procedure training for nursing students. In addition, two partners from NETTOP's Erasmus projects were invited to demonstrate technical solutions.

In addition to UiS, the conference is supported by Rogaland County Council, Stavanger Municipality, Time Municipality and Atea.

The webcasts from the event in 2020 is found here.