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Infection prevention measures at the library

Due to new infection prevention measures from the Norwegian government, there will be stricter infection prevention guidelines for visiting the library from Wednesday December 15. Updated information per Jan 14.

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New rules that apply from Januaru 14 2022:

  • Reduced opening hours. Our libraries are only open during staffed hours.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1 meter. We recomend using a face mask when this is not possible.
  • We offer a reduced number of study spaces. Do not use off limits areas.
  • The Data Lab is closed
  • The 3D-lab is closed
  • The Study Lab is closed, but open for digital guidance. Guidance have to be booked in advance.
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In accordance with the new national infection prevention guidelines the library must facilitate for the new infection prevention measures.

This means that we are reducing our opening hours, and Ullandhaug library will no longer be open 24/7, and Bjergsted library and The Library at the Museum of Archaeology will only be open during staffing hours.

Keep 1 metre distance

The number of available study spaces have been reduced, and some areas are off limits to maintain 1 meter distance. In situations where you are unable to keep at least a 1 meter distance it ist recommended to use a face mask when visiting the library.

To avoid close contact, we only offer quick guidance at the service desk. Classes and guidance will be digital. Contact if you have any questions or need guidance.

Returning books

If you prefer not to visit the library, you can return books in our return box. At Ullandhaug you can find the return box by the entrance to Kjølv Egeland House, closest to the library. At the library in Bjergsted the return box is located by the entrance to the library.

Any changes to the corona guidelines will be posted at


  • Don’t visit the library if you are feeling sick or have corona like symptoms.
  • Keep a distance of at least 1 meter. It is recomended to use a face mask where this is not possible.
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly.
  • Only use available areas. Respect signs and do not use areas that are off limits.
  • Use available sanitizer to disinfect your workspace before use.
  • Clean your study space after use.
  • Always follow the infection prevention guidelines from NIPH

Opening hours

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Corona information

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