Keep surfing after shark attack

Wednesday 22 February 2023 12:15-13:15,
The University Library, Kjølv Egeland house.

Meet surfer Shannon Ainslie in the Library

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Shannon Ainslie holding a surfboard
Shannon Ainslie in his element (Photo: private)

17 of July 2000 fifteen-year-old surfer Shannon Ainslie was attacked by two great white sharks at Nahoon Reef in South Africa. Lucky to be alive Shannon made it to land with a bloody and torn up arm. Even though he promised himself to never surf again, he did. Shannon has had an impressive surfer career coaching some of the best surfers in the world. Today he probably coaches the worst – Norwegian surfers at Jæren.

Shannons wavy life has turned into the book “Child of the Wild Coast”. This Wednesday you can hear him share his story and give you some mental advice on how to face the biggest waves in your life. We will also talk about the development of the Norwegian surf scene. The event will be led by UBiS’ two surfing employees, David Sviland and Børre Jacobsen.

This event will be fun for every surfer in and outside of UiS, and for all of you who never ridden a wave.