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Don't miss Open Access Week 2021

As a part of this year's Open Access Week, the University Library, in collaboration with several other Norwegian research libraries, invites you to a series of lectures on topics related to Open Science.

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Open science is something that is becoming increasingly relevant, not least in connection with Plan S. We therefore hope that many academic staff at UiS will take the time to follow all or part of the program during this year's Norwegian Open Access Week. It is held from 25th to 31st of October, and is part of an annual international event.

Representatives of several important research organizations and universities will participate as speakers. All the lectures are digital on Zoom, and open to anyone interested. Therefore, take a look at the program, and sign up for what is relevant to you!

If you have any questions regarding Open Access Week, you can contact Linda Johnsen or John David Didriksen at the University Library.

Program Open Access Week 2021:

Open Access Week 2021 poster

October 25th at 10 pm: Open Science is the New Normal: Representatives from the Research Council of Norway and Horizon Europe explain what they require and expect when it comes to open science. Language: English.

October 26th at 10 pm: Licenses for sharing research data: How do you share research data? What do you need to think about when choosing a license? How do you share as openly as possible, and as closed as necessary? Language: Norwegian.

October 27th at 10 pm: Get your ducks in a row: Steps for sharing sensitive data: What do you need to think about if you want to share sensitive data, e.g. human genetic data? Language: English

October 27th at 10 pm: How to share qualitative data: Videos and interviews: How do you navigate in the landscape of open research data and GDPR? Language: English

October 28th at 10 pm: Level X: Do new publishing models affect research quality? What are the principles behind Level X, and what does the introduction of a new level mean for present and future quality assurance systems? Language: Norwegian.

October 29 at 10: Diamonds are forever; Benefits and challenges of Diamond Open Access Publishing: What is the way forward for institutional journal publishing, in Norway and internationally? Language: English