Webinar: Introduction to Rayyan

Wednesday 7 February 2024 09:15-11:00,
Language: English.

Join the library for an introduction to the reference screening tool Rayyan.

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Introduction to Rayyan

Rayyan is a free web-based tool for screening references for systematic reviews or other large literature reviews. It facilitates collaboration by allowing multiple people to screen the same references independently (blinded). You can use Rayyan after you have performed your literature search and collected the results in EndNote or Zotero. In this course you will learn all the basic skills in Rayyan. We will provide you with a set of references that you can use for the learning activities, so you do not have to prepare your own EndNote or Zotero library.

Target audience: Students and staff at UiS and SUS Equipment: Computer with internet connection Teaching method: Lecture and guided activities Prior knowledge needed: Make sure you sign up on rayyan.ai in advance. Basic skills in using reference software such as Zotero or EndNote is recommended. Number of participants: Unlimited. No registration needed. Language: English Where: On Teams.

After the class you should know how to:

  • Create a review in Rayyan 
  • Import references from a reference manager such as EndNote or Zotero 
  • Invite a collaborator to work on a Rayyan project together with you 
  • Switch blinding on and off 
  • Identify the references for which you and your collaborator have made conflicting decisions 
  • Export all selected references for further processing in other software 
  • Trust that you have a good tool for working on reviews 
Join the class

On Teams.

Create user

Remember to create a user in Rayyan before the class.

More about Rayyan

Check out Canvas for more information about Rayyan.

Questions about Rayyan? Contact:

Senior Librarian
Division of Research
Stavanger University Library

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