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Introduction to Tableau

Thursday 17 February 2022 09:15-12:00,
The Data Lab, the library,
KE A-259.

Join the library for a workshop in the data management software Tableau.

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Workshop in Tableau

The workshop will go through data management and what to keep in mind when you are working with data and visual communication. We will go through the Tableau user interface and how to create graphs, storyboards and stories, before we work on example data sets or your own data if you prefer.

Targent audience: Students and staff at UiS Equipment: Your own laptop with Tableau installed and an active Tableau license Prior knowledge needed: None Participants: max 15 Registration: No registration required Language: English Where: The Data Lab, KE A-259

After the class you should know:

  • What to focus on when you are processing data
  • When and why you use visual communication
  • How to manage large amounts of data with Tableau
  • How to use most of Tableaus visualisation tools
  • How to build a dashboard and a story
  • How to export your visualisations
To participate in the workshop, you need to first install Tableau.

UiS does not provide Tableau, but students at UiS have access to a free license. Staff at UiS who are going to use Tableau for research or teaching also have access to a free license. Other people who want to use Tableau can download a 14-day trial

Where is the class?

The class is in the Data Lab, KE A-259, in the library.

More about Tableau

You can find more information about Tableau at our Canvas page.

Questions about Tableau? Contact:

Division of Research

Stavanger University Library

Department of Research and Learning Support