MSB specialisation: Strategic Marketing and Analytics

A specialisation in Strategic Marketing and Analytics provides you with knowledge of marketing from a strategic perspective, enhances your strategic capabilities and skills, and prepares you for a successful career.

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Major in Strategic Marketing and Analytics

Marketing serves as a bridge to connect an organization with the market. In today’s highly competitive, fast-changing, yet uncertain business world, effective and efficient marketing is critical to the success of any organization.

The specialisation in marketing blends the knowledge of strategy and marketing science with a data-analytic approach to decision making. This applied specialisation allows you to address real-world business challenges by learning from world-class faculty who know you by name, working in teams on business cases, and engaging with industry through lectures by industry experts and work-integrated learning experiences.

The career specialisation in strategic marketing and analytics is built on the principles of an engaged collaborative learning community, where your fellow students, faculty, industry, and alumni form your network of personal and professional relationships, enabling you to achieve your professional goals throughout your career.

What will you learn?

You will acquire in-depth knowledge of marketing as well as relevant, up-to-date skillsets to address real-world business challenges. By integrating knowledge of marketing science and strategy with a data-analytic approach, you will be able to make strategic marketing decisions in any for-profit and non-form profit organization that you wish to work for. 

From experience, I have realized that the committed environment we have at UiS is something completely unique compared to other universities and colleges.

Cathrine J. Sønvinsen , MSB student majoring in Strategic Marketing and Analytics.

Learning experience

A team of world-class marketing faculty at the University of Stavanger Business School, with academic backgrounds and extensive experience from the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe, delivers a well-structured, up-to-date business curriculum, covering cutting edge topics.

You will be closely guided and supported by the marketing faculty, working in teams on business cases and projects, as well as engaging with the industry through industry lectures and applied to learning experiences. Industry experts who have been frequently and actively involved in our curriculum are from a diverse set of outstanding local as well as international companies, including the following:

Amazon, Kahoot!, Starcom, Vecora, Easee, Justify, Ope, AkerSolutions, Subsea7, Equinor, Aker BP, Lyse, Snøhetta, Tørst, Schlumberger, Starcom.

Meet the faculty teaching team

Professor Kenneth H. Wathne

Teaches: Marketing Strategy, Business-to-Business Marketing, Applied Learning Experience

Professor Hongyan Shi

Teaches: Pricing Strategies, Business Decisions, Research Design

Assistant Professor Elham Ghazimatin

Teaches: Digital Marketing, Principles of Marketing

Associate Professor Auke Hunneman

Teaches: Advanced Marketing Analytics

Assistant Professor Shuai Yan

Teaches: New Product and Innovation Management, Marketing Analytics

Assistant Professor Mainak Sarkar

Teaches: Marketing Analytics, Advanced Customer Analytics

Postdoctoral Fellow Avishek Lahiri

Co-teaches: Principles of Marketing and Business Models, Marketing Strategy, and Analytics

Career prospects

The specialization in Strategic Marketing and Analytics will provide you with a solid foundation for positions in market-oriented organizations. Once you have successfully completed the specialization, you will be able to choose from a variety of marketing relevant positions. Your knowledge and skillsets will enable you to pursue exciting opportunities in Norway and abroad, in a wide range of businesses, industries, and non-profit organizations. Marketing is also essential for anyone interested in starting and growing an entrepreneurship venture. 

Examples of positions our former students have obtained:

Market Analyst Digital Marketing Specialist Brand Manager Product Marketing Manager Category Manager Social Media Marketer Management consultant Applied Intelligence Consultant

Meet the students

Chandan Podder

– The knowledge and abilities to analyze market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor strategies can be developed through this course

Data science consultant, Hesam Salehi

– The program is top-notch, prestigious, challenging, engaging, and world-class

Daniel André H. Bjørnstol

– The future lies in the hands of those who can obtain and utilize data, and here you will have an inspiring journey with a practical approach to analytics and strategic marketing.

Karla Trobamala

– Stavanger is a great city for study

Cathrine J. Sønvinsen

– I experienced a very close-knit, inclusive and rewarding student environment at the University of Stavanger Business School.

Torill Hebnes

– The specialisation in marketing opens the doors to working in various industries and disciplines

Iryna Overko

– I was not mistaken in choosing the master of Strategic Marketing and Analytics

Tanveer Ahmed

– I was looking for a university that provides a balanced combination of academic knowledge and applied experience.

Why Marketing at UiS Business School?

The specialization in Strategic Marketing and Analytics will enable you to achieve your career goals at an equal opportunity university. We will equip you with the required knowledge and skillsets, connect you with industry, provide you and your fellow students with the support and network you need to succeed, including an active alumni network.

This engaged collaborative learning community will enable you to achieve your professional objectives throughout your career.

If you want to learn from passionate people, you should not hesitate to apply for Strategic Marketing and Analytics

Daniel André Hamre Bjørnstol , former MSB student majoring in Strategic Marketing and Analytics. He now works as a business consultant at EY.


In the first semester you take three courses: two common courses (Business Decisions and Data Analytics) and one specialization course (Business Models, Marketing Strategy, and Analytics).”

Semester 1 courses:

MSB102 Business Decisions (10 ECTS)

MSB103 Data Analytics (10 ECTS)

MSB108 Business Models, Marketing Strategy, and Analytics (10 ECTS)

In the second semester: one common course (MSB102 Research Methods) and two specialization courses (MSB106 Developing and Marketing Innovations and MSB202 Advanced Marketing Analytics). You can also choose to take MSB405 Applied Learning Experience as an elective

Semester 2 courses:

MSB104 Research methods (10 ECTS) – Common course

MSB106 Developing and Marketing Innovations (10 ECTS) – Specialization course

MSB202 Advanced Marketing Analytics (10 ECTS) – Specialization course

MSB405 Applied Learning Experience (10 ECTS) – Elective

In your third semester, you can choose to be an exchange student at one of our international partner universities, decide among a wide range of elective courses offered at the University of Stavanger Business School, and/or combine your specialization with an internship.

The specialization in Strategic Marketing and Analytics offers the following elective courses in the third semester.

Please note that you are required to take at least 10ECTS outside the marketing specialization.

This semester is all about writing the master’s thesis. Use all the knowledge and skills you obtained throughout the program, tackle an important question that you feel passionate about.

MSBMAS Master thesis (30 ECTS)

What is marketing?

Marketing serves as a bridge to connect an organization (for-profit and non-form profit) with the market. In today’s highly competitive, fast-changing, yet uncertain business world, effective and efficient marketing is critical to the success of any organization.

On one hand, effective marketing requires the collection and analysis of data to inform decision-makers about market trends and needs, enabling innovation and appropriate managerial decisions (e.g., how to create value through sustainable products and services and how to set prices). On the other hand, marketing ensures the delivery of what the organization creates effectively and efficiently, including how to reach and communicate with customers.

Effective and efficient marketing requires responsible strategic decision making that accommodates market dynamics, including technological innovations, competitive behaviours, the regulatory environment, and sustainable growth.

Companies involved in our curriculum:

About the programme:

MSc in Business Administration

The marketing and analytics specialisation is a part of the Master of Science in Business Administration programme.


Professor Kenneth H. Wathne

Profile leader E-mail: Office: EOJ-226