Sharing Knowledge - Creating Impact

Erasmus+ program, museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger

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Dublinia 2022

Museum of Archaeology, University of Stavanger, is the coordinator for the Erasmus + project Sharing Knowledge, Creating Impact

Project details:

Programme: Erasmus +, Key Actions Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action type: Strategic Partnership
Project Duration: 36 monthsProject period: 31.12.2020-30.12.2023
Project title: Sharing Knowledge – Creating

Impact Main Objective: Exchange of Good Practices


Dublinia, Ireland,
Museum Vestsjælland,Denmark,

York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research, United Kingdom,

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Project summary:

Our 'Sharing Knowledge - Creating Impact' project will bring together the combined skills, knowledge and expertise of 4 cross - European partners - all operating within the museum sector, and offering high-quality educational experiences to their individual audiences; organisations that face similar challenges, yet operate mostly within a vacuum of their own localities, countries and frameworks. Project partners are the the University of Stavanger (Norway), Museum Vestsjaelland (Denmark), Dublinia (Ireland) and York Archaeological Trust (UK). Each organisation is highly regarded in their own country, bringing cultural experiences to huge audiences including schools, families, and experts, through their museums, events, and online activity.

1. Exchange may 25.-30.2022:                     Jorvik Viking Festival, York, Great Britain

2. Exchange/workshops september 2022:    Dublinia, Dublin, Ireland

3. Exchange august 2023:                              Vestsjælland, Denmark

4. Exchange/workshop october 2023:          Stavanger, Norway

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Participants in Dublinia 2022

This project aims to bring together individuals from these organisations to share their experiences, develop working networks, and shape a new co-European way of delivering innovative, distinct and excellent learning activity that widens audiences, develops skills, diversifies engagement and leads to increased sustainability across the cultural museum sector.

JORVIK Viking Festival 28 May 2022

Jorvik Viking Festival 2022

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Steffen Simenstad, York 2022

I York 2022

Workshop york 2022

Deltagere York 2022

Participants, york 2022

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Dublinia 2022

Excursion Dublinia 2022

Dublinia 2022

Excursion Dublinia 2022

Dublinia 2022

Excursion Dublinia 2022

Dublinia 2022

Participants Dublinia 2022

Dublinia 2022

Ellen Hagen og Heidi Wevle, Museum of Archaeology, Dublinia 2022