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Here you can read everything about the auditions for the Bachelor in Dance starting in Autumn 2023

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Imagining Otherwise. Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag, dans.

Applicants to Bachelor in Dance must go through 2 rounds of auditions for admission to Autumn 2023. First round is carried out by submitting a self-produced video within 15 January. The second round takes place in week 10, either in Stavanger or Oslo.

Applicants living outside Norway, Sweden or Denmark can apply for an exemption from attendance in week 10. In such cases, the second round will be conducted by submitting a supplementary video. A digital interview is then organized in week 11 for applicants who pass video round 2.

Round 1- video

All submitted video material is now being assessed by the committee. Results will be shared by e-mail in February.

  • Applicants who do not pass round 1 will receive an e-mail with the results during week 5. Rejections will also be posted in Søknadsweb, and formal rejection letters will be sent during March
  • Applicants who pass round 1, will receive an email together with an invitation to round 2

Round 2 - Auditions at Campus Bjergsted or in Oslo week 10

If you pass round 1 after the assessment, you will be invited to round 2 in week 10. Round 2 lasts for two days and consists of physical auditions and an interview. All applicants who are auditioning in either Stavanger or Oslo will receive an invitation by e-mail at least 2 weeks before the auditions takes place. There will be detailed information about audtition days in the invitation.

Stavanger - Campus Bjergsted:

Monday and Tuesday: 6. - 7. March (week 10)

Oslo - Edvard Munch videregående skole, Ullevålsveien 5:

Saturday and Sunday: 11. - 12. March (week 10)

Please note! Regardless of where you are going to audition (Stavanger or Oslo), you must remember to bring your own music for your self-composed solo performance (mobile phone, ipad, mac etc. that have aux/jack sockets). Also remember clothes and footwear for the different dance classes.

What happens during the audition days?

In round 2 of the auditions, applicants must document their artistic qualifications and skills. You must show good skills in contemporary dance, in classical ballet, improvisation, as well as show good development opportunities in terms of dance artistry.

Applicants must also present a self-composed solo of 2-3 minutes duration. This is the same solo that was recorded on video for round 1. The work must present the applicant as a performer and the ability to be creative is also emphasized. The solo must be self-composed (not material from classes, other teachers or fellow students).

Interviews are only conducted for applicants who make it through to the last audition day. The interview takes place on the second day of the auditions.

A mandatory orientation meeting is arranged in the morning on the first day, regardless of where you will audition round 2. You will find exactly when and where the orientation meeting will take place in the invitation sent to you at the beginning of February. Attendance will be registered in advance of the orientation meeting.

Several of our students will meet you in the foyer if you come to our campus in Stavanger, both for attendance registration and to have a chat if you wish. The students know both the campus, the teachers, the study and the city, and they can support and guide you through the audition days.

When will I receive a final result on my application?

After the auditions in week 10 and digital interviews in week 11 for international applicants, the committee makes an overall assessment of the applicants. The applicants are then assessed as qualified/not qualified based on the professional committee assessments and rankings, submitted video material, submitted application documents, auditions during the audition week and interview. The result is presented to the head of department, and final admission is then approved by the dean.

You will find additional rules for admission in our admission regulations. The regulations can be found in the article Bachelor in Dance. Scroll down to 'How to apply…'

Qualified applicants are then offered a study place to the extent that there are available places on the applied course. If the faculty has more qualified applicants than there are available study places, the applicants are put on a waiting list based on the commission's ranking list. Please note! We do not share information on waiting list placement.

The result of your application is published in SøknadsWeb in week 12. Remember to respond to offers and/or waiting lists in SøknadsWeb within the stated deadline, so that your study place does not pass on to someone else.

Good luck with the auditions, and welcome to the Faculty of Performing Arts, University of Stavanger.

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