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All about the interviews in week 10 - music

In week 10, digital interviews are held for applicants who have been found qualified after round 1. In this article you will find information when the interviews will take place according to your instrument, as well as information when you can expect answers from round 1 and any invitation to round 2

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There will be digital interviews in week 10

Initially, all applicants to music of performing arts studies were set to take two rounds of auditions in the spring of 2022, but due to the corona pandemic, it was decided that the admission instead must be conducted digitally, with the exception of the conducting courses.

The first round was previously announced, with video submissions by January 15. Round 2 will be digital interviews held in week 10 for applicants who qualify after submitted video in round 1.

Respond for video assessment round 1

Anyone who has submitted video as round 1 within the stated deadline will receive a response to the video assessment at the end of January. The email you receive will notify which study you have been assessed for and whether you have been found qualified or not after the committee has reviewed the submitted video material. If you have applied for several studies, you will receive an answer for each of the applications in the same e-mail.

For applicants for a Bachelor's programme in music of performing arts, a new supplementary video must be submitted if one has been found qualified after round 1. The supplementary video must be shared with the faculty no later than March 1. The video should contain the rest of the pieces you did not record on video during the first round. What repertoire remains can be found in the study program article of Bachelor classic and for The One-Year Programme Classic. You'll get information by email on how to share the video together with the response for round 1.

Invitation to round 2 - digital interviews

If you are found eligible after the first round, you will receive an email inviting you to round 2 and the digital interviews approx. 10 February. The interviews will take place via Zoom. In the email you will find a link to the Zoom interview and information about what day and time the interview will take place. By confirming participation in the interview, you agree that the interview will take place digitally with audio and webcam turned on.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with ZOOM, and well in advance before the interview takes place. Make sure that your PC, webcam, and any headphones are working, and that you have a good stable network where you are. Be ready at scheduled time and be prepared for any delays.

If you have applied for several studies with different instruments and have become eligible for both, you will be invited to an interview for each instrument. Therefore, it is important that you check the interview time in the email and make yourself aware of which ZOOM link applies to the individual interview.

The interviews in week 10 are conducted these days for the various instruments:
  • JAZZ
  • Monday: Bass
  • Tuesday: Percussion
  • Wednesday: Vocals
  • Thursday: Woodwinds, Brass and Piano
  • Friday: Guitar
  • Monday: Organ, Percussion and Woodwinds
  • Tuesday: Strings and Brass
  • Wednesday: Conducting
  • Thursday: …
  • Friday: Piano and Vocals
About the interview

The interview is given by the committee members who reviewed your video, as well as a representative from the student administration, preferably a study coordinator. For example, in the interview, you may be asked about the following topics:

  • Musical experience
  • Motivation
  • Independence/ work kapacity
  • Why did you apply to Stavanger?
  • The audition program and your recorded videos
  • Plans for the desired Master project or PDM project

The Committee will tell you a little about your everyday life and what you can expect as a student at our faculty, if you are offered a place to study. In addition, you will have the opportunity to explain your objective and motivation for the programme, and you will of course also have the opportunity to ask questions. The interview will last about 10 - 15 minutes.

Welcome , and good luck!

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