Is it a match?

We are happy to invite you, as an applicant to one of our study programme, to a free trial lesson with your future main instrument teacher!

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Cecilie Rospigliosi - student på Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag | Foto: Agnete in't Veld Bendiksen
Foto: Agnete in't Veld Bendiksen

We are proud to have so many professional and skilled teachers at the Faculty of Performing Arts.
Not only are they great musicians, but also wonderful mentors with unique personalities. So are our students!!! Every single one is unique.

We know how much good relations and the right chemistry with your teacher mean for well-being and successful study. The main instrument teacher will be your closest supervisor throughout the course of your study programme.
The best teacher for your friend will not necessarily be the same for you. Sometimes it is a match from the first lesson, sometimes it’s difficult to get along until the end of the study. We prefer the first scenario and would like you to use the opportunity to meet your main instrument teacher already now, while applying for the study programme at the Faculty of Performing Arts.

What does it take to get a free trial lesson?

  • You must have applied to a classical music performance programme at the Faculty of Performing Arts
  • The offer applies to applicants for classical music studies
  • Send an email to with a subject: “Trial lesson, admission 2024'
  • In the email list your applicant number, your full name, main instrument, the study programme you are applying for admission to
  • If you have any preferences on weekdays and time that suits best for the trial lesson, please let us know. As well as how you would like the lesson to be carried out: online or at our campus in Stavanger (Campus Bjergsted)

Booking of a free trial class will be open from 1 November until week 10 in 2024.
NB: The trial lesson will by no means affect your admission process.

Good luck and welcome to our faculty! We are looking forward to hearing from you 🎶🎶🎶

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