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New coronavirus measures at UiS

Campuses will remain open, but new measures and recommendations will be introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus. These include home exams for students and more use of home office for staff

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Norway is at the beginning of a second wave of infection, and the Stavanger region is also affected. New measures are put in place all over the country.

- The situation is serious. It is very important that we all support the implementation of stricter measures, says Klaus Mohn, Rector of UiS.

Limit close contacts

UiS follows the guidelines of local and national authorities. Stavanger municipality asks people to limit the number of close contacts and will issue local infection control regulations next week.

The government asks all universities and colleges to consider reducing activities that contribute to increased mobility, including pressure on public transport.

UiS therefore introduces the following guidelines and recommendations:


The main rule at UiS is that all teaching should be carried out digitally. Students will receive updated information about teaching in Canvas.


All exams in the autumn semester 2020 will be completed as digital home exams. Students receive updated information about the exam in Canvas.


Implementation of internships for students is risk assessed by the faculties.

Working from home

UiS will remain open and operations must be maintained. Some employees must therefore be on campus, but UiS recommends working from home for those who can. This must be clarified with your immediate superior.


UiS recommends digital meetings. There must always be an opportunity for digital participation when there are more than 10 attendees.


UiS follows the government's recommendations for events:

  • 20 people at private events in a public place or in rented premises
  • 50 people at public events
  • 200 people at public events where there are fixed seats

Questions regarding events can be directed to your local emergency preparedness management or

Travel restrictions

Only business critical travel will continue until further notice.

The emergency response staff at UiS assists with risk assessment and advice, contact

Please observe the infection control regulations on campus:

  • Do not come to campus if you have any kind of symptoms of illness
  • Keep at least one meter from others, also when traveling to and from UiSi
  • If you can to keep a distance of two meters, it is not considered close contact with the infected person
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often, always use the sanitisers at the entrance / exit