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COVID-19 pandemic information for inbound exchange students

New information about the COVID-19 pandemic for inbound exchange students will be published here.

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For general questions about entry rules, advice and recommendations: FHI Covid helpline 8155 5015 (Mon-Fri, 08:00-15:30)

For questions related to vaccination in Stavanger: Stavanger municipality 5150 7220 (Mon-Fri, 08:30-15:00)

The information above was last updated 03.01.2022.

Spring 2022 - Arrival to Norway

Please note that everyone is obliged to register on before arrival, and everyone is obliged to take a quick test within 24 hours after arrival. The easiest for everyone is to take a test at the test center at the airport upon arrival. Students that needs to go in quarantine must go in quarantine in the first city they arrive in Norway. It is therefore adviced to book plane tickets that go directly to Stavanger and does not land in for example Oslo airport first.

After you have been in quarantine you will receive a document/ a receipit from your hotel to prove you have been in quarantine. With this document you can move into your SIS housing or private accommodation. If you are allocated a room via SiS Housing, you can pick up your key at Scandic Stavanger Airport Hotel from 3 January. In order to pick up your key, you must present a certificate of quarantine (or a receipt of your 10 days quarantine stay at a hotel) to the reception at Scandic Stavanger Airport Hotel.

It is your individual duty to inform the test staff at the airport that you need a quarantine hotel. Please book your own quarantine hotel at Gate 6 at the international terminal at Stavanger Sola Airport upon your arrival.

If you come via Oslo, you can call the test center on 476 36 816 when you have arrived at Stavanger Sola Airport, the hotel will then be booked but this solution may take some time. Here is a link with more information:

You will have full-board accommodation at the hotel during the quarantine period. The individual share of quarantine is currently NOK 500 per day. The Norwegian Government will cover the remaining cost. UiS will cover this individual share for the students newly arriving for their study in Norway.

Please ensure that you can pay NOK 500 per day for your quarantine hotel in either Oslo or Stavanger if necessary (or elsewhere in Norway). You will be refunded later, but please ensure you have the means to pay for your stay upon arrival.

The UiS and/or the Norwegian Government will under no circumstances cover for expenses over NOK 500 per day, and cost like phone calls, pay-tv, mini bar etc. must be covered by the students themselves.

Vaccination available to exchange students

Everyone who studies in Stavanger can get a covid vaccine in Stavanger municipality. This also applies to students who come here from abroad. However, as exchange students do not have a D-number which is required to register for the vaccine online, the vaccination office has kindly offered for you to contact them directly if you wish to be vaccinated (1st or 2nd dose). Please e-mail if you wish to book an appointment.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Name:
  • Date of birth:
  • Country (where you are arriving from):
  • Address in Norway:
  • Telephone number in Norway (only if you have a Norwegian telephone number already):

You will find more information about students and vaccine at the Stavanger municipality web page. Click “Change language” at the top of the page to select a different language.

With this, we hope you have the information you need to make the necessary preparations for your exchange semester.