Hey! Remember to stay home if you are sick

If you get symptoms of covid-19, you must be tested even if you have been vaccinated, and stay at home.

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Jente som nyser i papirserviett
Take a covid test if you have mild symptoms of covid, such as runny nose and dry throat.

If you have symptoms, you can get a free rapid test by the municipality. Find out more about how to get free rapid tests (change language at the top of the page)

For very mild symptoms such as runny nose, dry throat, but otherwise good general condition where you don’t feel sick, you can go to work / campus if you have tested negative.

If you feel a little sick and are experiencing reduced general condition, coughing or fever, you should stay at home, regardless of whether it is corona or not. You can either take a rapid test or a PCR test, which Stavanger municipality offers.

You can go back to work when you feel healthy and have tested negative.

If you have not been vaccinated yet, you can do it know. Check the municipality's website.