How to register seating in lecture rooms and book reading room seats

Students can register their seats in our lecture rooms and book places in our reading rooms. This way we can limit the number of students who need to quarantine if someone tests positive for coronavirus.

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To assist the municipality with track and trace you need to register your seat.

In the event of any coronavirus infections occurring at our campus, the UiS assists the municipality with track and trace. Consequently, all the seats in the university’s lecture rooms have been numbered and a booking system has been created for seats in our reading rooms.  

The UiS relies on students to take responsibility for ensuring that our campus is as secure as possible for everyone.  

How to register your seating

Please register your seat by taking a photo of your seat number, which you can find to the right side of the chair or table, and retaining it for 14 days. Alternatively, you can make a note of the number along with the time and date. This way we can limit the number of students who need to quarantine if someone tests positive for the coronavirus. 

Lecturers are responsible for reminding you about the procedures for registering seats before each lecture. Lecturers shall also remind you about the infection control procedures, such as disinfecting your hands and your seat before the commencement of lectures. Antibacterial wipes will be available by the entrance doors.  

Please also remember to observe social distancing when entering and leaving rooms.

How to book reading room seats 

Students can book seats in our reading rooms in Time Edit in advance or inside the rooms by scanning the QR code on the seat they wish to use. The QR code will take you to the UiS’s reservation page.  

Students from other universities and other guests wishing to use a reading room can book a seat by calling +47 51 83 10 00.