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Student challenge: How to make UiS a greener university?

Join an international team of students and explore how students can make a difference in creating a more sustainable campus!

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Universitetscampus med informasjonsskilt, gressplen, trær og vei. Bygning i bakgrunnen.
Do you want to be part of developing ideas for a greener campus?

In the first week of October, UiS and ECIU University organize a three-day challenge for students from UiS and cooperating universities in Europe. 

Students from all fields of study are welcome to an interdisciplinary collaboration, where you will work in groups under the close guidance of teaching staff from UiS. Using a method called Challenge-Based Learning, students will be involved in both defining the task and developing solutions to it. Finally, each team presents their solution to the university! 

European University

The student challenge is part of the offer at UiS's European university, ECIU University

This spring, students participated in another ECIU challenge on climate-neutral campuses in Europe, led by the Hamburg University of Technology. All the students wrote a master's thesis on the topic, and UiS student Marta Obi wrote specifically about the transport situation to and from campus Ullandhaug. 

What can students do?

Now UiS is following up with a new challenge. The innovation department at UiS invites students from the entire ECIU network to come together and find out what students themselves can do to help develop a greener campus. 

A workshop will be held from Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th October (that is, three full days).  

Students usually learn about sustainability and green transition in theory; now it's time to practice it in real life! In this way, we include students in the green transition hand in hand with researchers and employees. 

Interested? Read more and register via ECIU University's website 

Green transition at UiS

Green transition is a key area in the University of Stavanger's strategy towards 2030. In line with this strategy, UiS will work for sustainable campus development. The offer from ECIU University is part of this effort, and the challenge will take place during Green Week 2022.

Interested in joining an ECIU University challenge on another topic? Check out the list of open challenges on the ECIU University website.