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Literary migration - conversation and mini-concert

Thursday 28 October 2021 13:00-14:00,

At the university library, the Stavanger-based publisher Eirik Bø and Sebastian Guggolz from Guggolz Verlag in Berlin will talk about the perks and pains of cultural exchange today.

Publisert: Endret:

Eirik Bø from (Pelikanen publishing house) has made large parts of Nobel Prize laureate Peter Handke's authorship available to a Norwegian audience. Other important German writers such as Christian Kracht and Judith Hermann also form part of the Pelikanen portfolio.

Whilst Bø is concerned with promoting contemporary German literature in Norway, Sebastian Guggolz is interested in promoting older literature from Northern and Eastern Europe in Germany.

At the University Library, these two speak in English with UiS professor Benedikt Jager about the importance of translators, about the desire to discover, about the driving force behind the projects and much more.

In In addition, we offer an exclusive and acoustic mini-concert with one of Norway's most critically-acclaimed artitst - Thomas Dybdahl!

You can also see the traveling exhibition "Fulger i lyrikken" (Birds in poetry).