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KÅKÅ|nomics 2022: The biggest and most fun economic festival in the Nordic countries!

KÅKÅ|nomics 2022 is arranged from October 26. to October 29. in Stavanger. UiS Business School is a partner and co-organizer of the festival.

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KÅKÅ|nomics is an economy festival in Stavanger arranged yearly. The festival addresses central economic issues in our society but in a popular way.

It is mainly a festival in Norwegian, but many events are also in English. Among them are interesting lectures with well-known international economists, movie nights, and concerts. The festival starts with a seminar at UiS by UiS Business School, which will also be in English.

KÅKÅ|nomics needs more volunteers at the festival. Read more about it here!

Tickets and program

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Events at KÅKÅ|nomics 2022