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The Fadder festival 2021

The enrollment week festival Fadder gives new and existing students an introduction to what the UiS Ullandhaug campus and Stavanger has to offer.

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Semesterstart, faddergruppe på campus Ullandhaug

As a new student at the University of Stavanger, you will be greeted by the students at the university. The Fadder festival events take place primarily on the Ullandhaug campus and in the city centre in Stavanger for the first week of the semester: August 16 to 20, 2021.

The enrollment week “Fadder” at UiS is a student-driven initiative. The purpose of the Fadder festival is for new students to find their way both socially and academically at the university. Throughout the week, emphasis is placed on connecting with fellow students. Students will be introduced to both the University of Stavanger and student life, as well as to Stavanger city center. At UiS, the Fadder committee, in collaboration with the student associations, will offer concerts and all sorts of fun and games.

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