The Fadderfestival 15th to 21st og August 2022

Get to know your new fellow students and experience everything Stavanger has to offer!

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Semesterstart, faddergruppe på campus Ullandhaug

The Fadderfestival in Stavanger is a an enrollment week for every new student, so that you can get to know your fellow students and experience a taste of the good student environment in Stavanger. The week is for absolutely all new students, no matter what type of interests you have, your background, family situation, etc. There will be an incredible number of different events - everything from bowling and hiking, to big concerts, surfing courses, theme parties and volleyball tournaments. Take a look at this year's program and start now to look forward to everything you can experience! Find out more about the Fadderfestival 2022 on our webpage or follow our instagram account (@uisfadder) for the latest updates and highlights.

The enrollment week “Fadderfestivalen” at UiS is a student-driven initiative. The purpose of the Fadderfestival is for new students to find their way both socially and academically at the university. Throughout the week, emphasis is placed on connecting with fellow students. Students will be introduced to both the University of Stavanger and student life, as well as to Stavanger city center. At UiS, the Fadder committee, in collaboration with the student associations, will offer concerts and all sorts of fun and games.

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