Patient safety - in theory and practice

Through the course at the University of Stavanger, you will gain skills in applying theories and methods to improve patient safety in practice.

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Better quality and patient safety are central focus areas for Norwegian policy in developing the patient's health service (Photo: Elisabeth Tønnessen).

Patient safety and quality in health services is given high priority both nationally and globally. Health services shall be developed so that patients and users to a greater extent receive and experience a high level of safety in healthcare, also in transitions between different parts of the services.

The course at UiS is about how patient safety can be understood, explained and maintained when a patient is in need of healthcare services. The aim is to provide students with knowledge, skills, and analytical capacity to understand important preconditions for achieving high quality and patient safety in the health service, both in theory and practice. Find more information about the course.

Safety in systems and for patients

Students will gain knowledge about patient safety from both a system and an individual perspective. The role of governmental bodies, policy, and the field of practice within the subject area will be highlighted. High quality and safe services depend on leaders who are concerned with building a culture for quality improvement in the health service, ensuring the necessary competence, and developing systems that can prevent unfortunate incidents and reduce the risk of human failure or routine failure.

In this course, students will also gain knowledge about processes that promote learning, growth, and development of patient safety. They will gain insight into how training and simulation can be used as a method to adapt and provide high quality care in challenging situations.

Open for individual course admissions

The course is offered in the autumn semester as an elective course for master's students at the Faculty of Health Sciences but is open for individual course admissions and international students. The teaching is in English.

Application via Søknadsweb opens June 15, with application deadline August 1. The first-come-first-served principle applies to admissions.

The admission requirement is a bachelor's degree in health and/or social sciences or equivalent 3-year basic education in these areas

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