Courses - PhD in Science and Technology

Here is an overview of all the PhD courses available at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

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Education plan

The PhD programme in Science and Technology has an education plan with PhD-level courses worth 30 ECTS credits.

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There are 3 types of courses in the education plan :

  • Programme courses
  • Study courses
  • Project courses

Each compartment is worth 10 credits.

What is the difference between programme, study, and project courses?

Programme courses

The programme courses are based on requirements in the PhD Regulations that state that the course component should include scientific theory and research ethics, and are thus mandatory for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science and Technology. The courses are taught with joint lectures for PhD candidates from all fields of study.

Study courses

The study course is selected on the basis of the field of study and PhD project. The study course is lectured and has a fixed curriculum. The course is taught in small groups and is held on demand.

Project courses

The project course is managed by the PhD candidate's supervisor team and adapted to the individual doctoral project for which the candidate has been admitted.

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PhD courses offered at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Specialisation: Energy Engineering and Geoscience

Specialisation: Information Technology, Mathematics and Physics

Specialisation: Chemistry and Biological Science

*These courses are only available in Norwegian and are meant for candidates who have projects in medical research.

Specialisation: Offshore Technology, Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Specialisation: Risk Management and Societal Safety