Midway assessment

All PhD candidates enrolled in the PhD-program in the Social Sciences must go through a midway assessment.

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Midterm evaluation (50 %-seminar)

The assessment shall be carried out half-way in the course of the doctoral education, and no later than one year before planned submission of the thesis. The department is responsible for the evaluation to take place.

The main purpose of the arrangement is to help the PhD-candidate by identifying potential risks for the project to halt or become delayed. The assessment is also meant to enhance the quality of the thesis by providing input.

The department’s management (head of department and head of research school) has the main responsibility for the midway evaluation. The person who performs the midway evaluation ought to be the person who conducts the performance assessment interviews with the PhD fellows to ensure continuity and good follow-up of both academic and career-linked aspects.

The Midway evaluations must be carried out as a seminar or a meeting, or a combination and focus on the individual candidate's doctoral project. Sensitive feedback must be given in a closed forum or by personal communication.

Midway evaluations are conducted in the form of a presentation by the candidate. Ahead of the midway evaluation, the candidate must submit a written report to the commentator(s) that has been appointed by the person responsible for the midway evaluation. This report should provide an account of the candidate’s status in respect of both work on the thesis and the training component. In addition, the report must provide an explicit account of any methodological and/or ethical challenges in the work.

A report must be written summarising the midway evaluation, with a plan for how the candidate will be able to submit an academically good thesis within the prescribed time. The report must state the names of the persons present.

Should the midway evaluation indicate that the candidate is not making satisfactory progress, a more detailed follow-up plan should be drawn up that includes a follow-up meeting to be held within six months. At the follow-up meeting, the midway evaluation committee must assess whether the follow-up plan is being followed. If the committee concludes that it is highly unlikely that the project will be completed, the head of department will contact the chair of the programme board for the PhD programme. Any information provided can be included in a discussion about terminating the course of study.
The report should include the following:

  • Who has done the evaluation
  • Completed courses and dissemination activities
  • Manuscripts in progress and manuscripts submitted
  • Challenges
  • Follow-up/measures to be executed (if applicable)
  • Other comments