PhD Skills Course: On Stage - voice, body, language and nerves

Tuesday 14 March 09:00 - Wednesday 15 March 12:30,
Arne Rettedalshus,

Open for PhD candidates at the University of Stavanger.

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Phd skills development courses

On Stage - voice, body, language and nerves

The aim of this two half-day course is to equip you with crucial presentation techniques in order to be more comfortable on stage and focus on delivering your message to the audience.

The main objectives of the course is to further develop your competences in

  • presentations skills – how to use your body and mind effectively on stage
  • achieving contact with the audience - how to communicate effectively and create engagement amongst the audience
  • managing stage fright - advices and techniques on how to deal with nerves

The course is organized mainly as student active exercises to learn about and practise presentations skills in order to create engagement and communication with the audience.
Participants must prepare a 1-minute presentation (preferably a PowerPoint) of their project to the first course day. They may limit the oral presentation to speak about either their problem statement, their chosen methodology, their theoretical basis or preliminary results. For the second session (day two) every participant is expected to prepare another presentation, this time a 2-minute one (also a PowerPoint) building on the first presentation (a further development or elaboration of the first one-minute presentation).

About the course

Requirements and registration

This is a two-day course. Each day lasts from 9.00 - 12.30. Enrolment imply presence both days of the course and two short presentations on first and the second day, related to your research project or a topic of your choice.

Language: English

Registration will open three weeks prior to the course.

Contact Marit Fosse if you have any questions.


Aud Berggraf Sæbø is professor emerita at UiS, and her field of study is drama and learning processes. From 2011 to 2019, she mentored UiS candidates preparing for the “Forsker Grand Prix” and has previously been engaged by the IOR center to tutor PhD and Postdocs in research dissemination.