Siddharth Sareen

Siddharth Sareen is an Associate Professor in Energy and Environment at the Department of Media and Social Sciences at University of Stavanger. He conducts research on the governance of energy transitions at multiple scales.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Media and Social Sciences


Siddharth Sareen teaches on the Masters programme in Energy, Environment and Society. His interdisciplinary research spans development studies, political ecology and human geography.

Research fields

Energy governance

Sustainability transitions

Human geography

Political ecology

Development studies


Science and technology studies

Resource management

Courses taught




Selected publications

Edited volumes

Siddharth Sareen. (ed) 2020. Enabling sustainable energy transitions: Practices of legitimation and accountable governance. Palgrave Macmillan.


Journal articles

Siddharth Sareen. 2020. Metrics for an accountable energy transition? Legitimating the governance of solar uptake. Geoforum 114: 30-39.


Jakob Grandin and Siddharth Sareen. 2020. What sticks? Ephemerality, permanence and local transition pathways. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 36: 72-82.


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Siddharth Sareen and Jakob Grandin. 2020. European green capitals: Branding, spatial dislocation or catalysts for change? Geografiska Annaler B: Human Geography. 102 (1): 101-117.


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Siddharth Sareen and Celie Manuel. 2016. Uphill tasks within Kumaon Himalayan communities: Multi- dimensional gendered inequalities in everyday life. Asia in Focus 3.


Book chapters

Siddharth Sareen. 2019. Interventions and aspirations: Constructing local governance through resource access and authority. In (eds. D'Costa, A. & A. Chakraborty) Changing contexts and shifting roles of the Indian state: New perspectives on development dynamics, Springer.


Siddharth Sareen and Emma Jane Lord. 2019. Mahua for Jharkhand?s Ho? An accountability analysis of minor forest product governance. In (eds. Bhagat-Ganguly V. & S. Kumar) India's Scheduled Areas: Untangling governance, law, and institutions, Routledge. Areas-Untangling-Governance-Law-and-Politics-1st/Bhagat-Ganguly-Kumar/p/book/9781138583726


Siddharth Sareen. 2018. Electricity distribution in Rajasthan: Unbundling the recurrent failures of a politicised sector. In (eds. Dubash N., S. Kale & R. Bharvirkar) Mapping Power: The political economy of electricity in India?s states, Oxford University Press. power-9780199487820


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Working papers and reports

Siddharth Sareen and Steven Wolf. 2020. Accountability and sustainability transitions. Science Policy Research Unit Working Papers Series 2020-07 (May), University of Sussex.


Siddharth Sareen and Harriet Thomson (eds.) 2019. Moving beyond the state of the art in energy poverty measurement. ENGAGER European energy poverty network working group 2 report.


Co-author. 2018. Exponential Climate Action Roadmap. Future Earth Sweden.


Siddharth Sareen. 2017. Politics, procurement, bail-out and buy-in: Woes and ways for Rajasthan?s distribution sector. in-woes- and- ways-of-rajasthans-distribution-sector/. Working paper, Regulatory Assistance Project and Centre for Policy Research.


Siddharth Sareen. 2017. What powers success on the ground? The gradual reform of electricity distribution in Gujarat. ground-the- gradual- reform-of-electricity-distribution-in-gujarat/. Working paper, Regulatory Assistance Project and Centre for Policy Research.


Policy briefs

Co-author. 2020. Making the most of qualitative evidence for energy poverty mitigation: A research agenda and call for action. ENGAGER policy brief (Middlemiss, L. et al). content/uploads/2020/02/ENGAGER-Policy-Brief-No.-3-February-2020-Making-the-Most-of-Qualitative- Data-for-EP-Research-and-Action.pdf


Co-author. 2018. European Energy Poverty COST Action Policy Brief 1.


Co-author. 2018. Accelerating SDG7 Achievement: Policy Briefs in Support of the First SDG7 Review at the United Nations High Level Political Forum 2018.


Siddharth Sareen. 2016. Case studies of natural resource access in Jharkhand, India: Implications for ?democratic? decentralisation. Copenhagen Centre for Development Research Policy Brief Series.


Book reviews

Siddharth Sareen. 2018. Book review: Indigenist Mobilization: Confronting Electoral Communism and Precarious Livelihoods in Post-Reform Kerala, Luisa Steur, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology 19(4): 367-370.


Siddharth Sareen. 2017. Book review: The Burning Forest: India?s War in Bastar, Nandini Sundar, Journal of South Asian Development 12 (2): 209-212.


Work experience

Associate Professor in Energy and Environment, University of Stavanger (2020 onwards)

Visiting researcher, University of Bergen (2020 onwards)

Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Bergen (2017-2020)

Visiting senior research fellow, University of Sussex (2019)

Visiting scholar, University of Washington Seattle (2018)

Postdoctoral research fellow, Erfurt University (2017)

Research consultant, Regulatory Assistance Project (2016-2017)

Postdoctoral research fellow, Institute of Economic Growth (2016)

Doctoral candidate, University of Copenhagen (2012-2016)

Project associate, Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2012)

Independent consultant, Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (2011-2012)

Visiting researcher, Aarhus University (2011)

Freelance journalist, The Times Group (2009-2011)