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  • Vitenskapelige publikasjoner
    • Yanuardi, Yanuardi; Bluemling, Bettina; Biermann, Frank


      Social-Ecological Peace – A framework to analyze the transition from violence to peace in post-conflict areas, applied to Aceh, Indonesia.

      Journal of political ecology

      ISSN 1073-0451.

      Volum 29.

      Hefte 1.


      DOI: 10.2458/jpe.4707

    • Bluemling, Bettina; Tai, Hsing-Sheng; Choe, Hyun


      Boundaries, limits, landscapes and flows: An analytical framework for boundaries in natural resource management.

      Journal of Environmental Management

      ISSN 0301-4797.

      Volum 285.

      DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2021.112129

    • Borde, Radhika; Bluemling, Bettina


      Representing Indigenous Sacred Land: The Case of the Niyamgiri Movement in India.

      Capitalism Nature Socialism

      ISSN 1045-5752.

      DOI: 10.1080/10455752.2020.1730417

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