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Fabio Alberto Hernandez Palacio


Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Safety, Economics and Planning
KE D-438

Fabio Hernández Palacio is an associate professor in urban design and planning at the Department of Security, Economics, and Planning at the University of Stavanger. He is an architect who graduated from the National University of Colombia and the TU Delft in The Netherlands. He completed his PhD at the Department of Architecture and Planning at Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a thesis entitled "Urban Densification and the Sustainable City in Norway: A Study of Drivers and Barriers".  He has several years of experience as a consultant for urban planning and urban design and as a university lecturer in urban design.
His research interests revolve around how the built environment can influence sustainability, looking at different aspects such as urban quality, urban form, urban density and densification. In his research, he has studied various aspects of the sustainable city, such as densification as a planning strategy, the relationship between density and environmentally friendly transport, the relationship between urban quality and sustainability, and the transition towards more sustainable cities. He is enthusiastic about technology to improve efficiency and quality in the built environment. He believes that many traditional and well-known approaches can also contribute to cities' "smart" solutions.


  • Vitenskapelige publikasjoner
    • Hernandez-Palacio, Fabio Alberto ; Scherzer, Sabrina; Frøyen, Yngve Karl


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    • Palacio, Fabio Alberto Hernandez


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  • Bøker og kapitler
    • Kesarovski, Todor Milkov; Hernandez-Palacio, Fabio Alberto


      Urban density, accessibility, and proximities : mapping and understanding the relationship between urban densities and cycling accessibility to grocery shops in the 10-minute city in the context of Stavanger metropolitan area..

      ISBN 9781914241161.

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    • Höger, Kerstin; Lykke, Bjarte; Jørgensen, Magnus; Rø, Øystein; Johnsen, Astrid Christine; Seim, Janne Celia; Palacio, Fabio Alberto Hernandez; Knapskog, Marianne


      WISSENSVIERTEL BERGHEIM WEST The Always Open City Campus.

      IBA Academy

    • Knapskog, Marianne; Lykke, Bjarte; Palacio, Fabio Alberto Hernandez; Jørgensen, Magnus; Rø, Øystein; Höger, Kerstin; Seim, Janne Celia; Johnsen, Astrid Christine


      WISSENSVIERTEL BERGHEIM WEST The Always Open City Campus.

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