Requirements for placements in schools or kindergartens

For studies where students in connection with compulsory placements come in contact with children, youth or other vulnerable groups, law requires a certificate of good conduct from the police.

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Inbound exchange students applying for admission to the courses listed below at the University of Stavanger need to obtain a criminal record check from your home country / country of permanent residence. This is commonly referred to as a Certificate of Good Conduct.

List of courses with this requirement (subject to change):

  • Comparative Educational Studies 
  • Drama and Intercultural Communication 
  • English Didactics in Teacher Education

Applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct

The application process for Certificates of Good Conduct varies from country to country. You should ask your home institution exchange coordinator about obtaining one. If the authorities require confirmation that you need the certificate regarding studies at the University of Stavanger, we will provide a statement to confirm your course application.

  1. The Certificate of Good Conduct should be issued in English or a Scandinavian language. If your country does not issue a Certificate of Good Conduct in English or a Scandinavian language, we do accept that your home institution confirms that there is "No entries" in the certificate.
  2. The certificate must not be older than 3 months at the time of sending your application to the UiS exchange office.
  3. If you have already handed in your Certificate of Good Conduct to your home institution then you only need a document from your university confirming that the university have received the certificate and that there is "No entries" in the certificate.

Please annex the certificate to your application for admission.