Research prize awarded to particle physicists and cosmologists

A young an amibitious research group received the Lyse Research Prize for 2019, having been recognized on the national and international physics scene.

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Forskningsmiljøet for partikkelfysikk og kosmologi
Alex Nielsen, Anders Tranberg, Alexander Rothkopf, Germano Nardini and Aleksi Kurkela received their awards from Grethe Høiland of Lyse at the UiS annual celebration on 29 October 2020. (Photo: Elisabeth Tønnessen)

The particle physics and cosmology group at UiS is the largest in its field nationwide. Working on fundamental problems within theoretical physics, they represent one of the most accomplished basic research groups at UiS, said Executive Vice President of Lyse, Grethe Høiland, at the award ceremony. The prize consists of a diploma and a scholarship of 50 000 NOK.

Cutting edge research

The group primarily consists of professors Anders Tranberg and Tomas Brauner, and associate professors Alexander Rothkopf, Germano Nardini, Alex Nielsen og Aleksi Kurkela. Rothkopf explains:

"The current cutting edge of research in fundamental physics is the study of matter at extreme temperatures and density, conditions that exist inside compact stars, and are created experimentally in large particle accelerators. We also use new observatories to study quite extraordinary gravitational phenomena, like collisions between black holes and the history of the universe."

Great recognition

The jury emphasized that the group has built a strong research environment, which has acquired great recognition in a short space of time. They organise conferences and cooperate with leading international researchers on major research projects.